Clinical Trials — September 2011

Blood pressure study — UT Southwestern researchers are looking for people to participate in a study of nerve activity that controls blood pressure and blood flow in the skeletal muscles in both people with normal blood pressure and patients with high blood pressure between the ages of 40 and 75 years. Participants will receive health examinations and blood tests at no charge. Study medication will be provided for subjects with high blood pressure, also at no cost. Neither healthy subjects nor patients with high blood pressure should have other medical problems such as diabetes mellitus, asthma, stroke, liver disease, or heart problems. If you are interested in this study, please contact Debbie Arbique, nurse practitioner, at 214-648-3188 for further information.

Asthma and depression study — Scientists in the Psychoneuroendocrine lab within the Psychiatry Department are seeking adults with diagnosed asthma and symptoms of depression. Participants will receive the antidepressant escitalopram (Lexapro) or placebo, will be compensated for their time, and will receive bus passes. For more information please contact: Christina Howard 214-645-6963 or visit the

Cholesterol research study — UT Southwestern researchers are looking for people who have had very high cholesterol (over 300 mg/dl), very low levels of LDL cholesterol (less than 40 mg/dl), or very high triglycerides (over 1000 mg/dl). If so, you may qualify for a
UT Southwestern-led study aimed at identifying the molecular basis of cholesterol disorders in families. A free screening visit is required, and transportation reimbursement is available. For more information, please contact Dr. Zahid Ahmad at 214-648-2377 or by email