Class Notes – October 2011


Medical School
Richard G. Fadal, M.D. (’55)
Isaac Kleinman, M.D. (’55)
Carol A. Lewis, M.D. (’71) 

Jack L. Nylund, M.D. (Radiology)


Class of 2003: Ben J. Tseng, M.D., is now practicing internal medicine at Chicago Lake Shore Medical Associates, the largest private medical practice on the Northwestern medical campus. 

1996:  Salvador Javier Cardenas, M.D., has been selected to serve on the Texas Medical Association’s Maternal and Perinatal Health Committee, from 2011-2013. The committee of 9 physicians reviews legislation that impacts maternal and perinatal health across the state. 

1972: Kendra Belfi, M.D., has been named the 2011 Gold-Headed Cane award recipient by the Tarrant County Medical Society. The award recognizes a physician who symbolizes the pursuit of the highest standards of scientific excellence and integrity.

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