Research Awards for August 2011

Federal Awards

Altschuler, Steven, NIH, Turnkey Solution for Image Phenotype Classification, $269,283; Barton, Theresa, Health Resources & Services Administration, Ryan White Program; Dallas FAN, $1,346,270; Baum, Michel, NIH, Effect of Prenatal Programming on Renal Tubular Transport, $301,212; Bharucha, Kamal, NIH, Neuroendocrine Control of Energy Balance by Drosophila AKH/Glucagon Receptor, $143,640; Browning, Jeffrey, NIH, Role of Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, $85,792; Burgess, Shawn (N. Sunny, Fellow), Georgia Health Sciences Univ./NIH, Metabolic Fluxes During Hyperinsulinemic Euglycemia in Insulin Resistant Mice, $75,000; Cohen, Jonathan, NIH, TORS 07: Genetic Susceptibility to Adverse Metabolic Consequences of Obesity, $715,920; Conrad, Nicholas, NIH, Mechanisms of KSHV Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation-Diversity Supplement, $47,700; Cowell, Lindsay, NIH, Immune System Biological Networks: Case Study Improved Data Integration & Analysis, $336,063.

DeBose-Boyd, Russell, NIH, Dissecting ER-Assn.iated Degradation of Membrane Protein in Drosophila S2 Cells - Diversity Supplement, $88,760; Elias, Carol, NIH, Role of Leptin-Mediated P13 Kinase Signaling on Reproductive Control, $313,135; Elmquist, Joel, NIH, TORS 02: Central Mechanisms Regulating Energy Homeostasis, $732,774; Elmquist, Joel, NIH, Interactions of Leptin and Central Serotonin Systems, $366,493; Elmquist, Joel (H. Dungan Lemko, Fellow), NIH, Role of Ghrelin and NPY Signaling in the Regulation of Energy Homeostatis, $51,326; Euhus, David, U.S. Dept. of Defense, Epigenetic Testing for Breast Cancer Risk Stratification, $273,125; Fitzgerald, John, Duke Univ. Med. Ctr./NIH, IPF-PANTHER: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Clinical Research Network, $9,817; Fontoura, Beatriz (M. Yarbrough, Fellow), NIH, Regulation of mRNA Export by microRNAs, $51,326; Fu, Qi, NIH, Hypertension and Antihypertensive Therapy in Elderly Women, $406,996.

Gao, Jinming, NIH, Ultra-Responsive “ON/OFF” Fluorescent Nanoprobes for Cancer Molecular Imaging, $365,669; Garg, Abhimanyu, NIH, Genetic and Metabolic Basis of Familial Lipodystrophies-Diversity Supplement, $73,966; Gattineni, Jyothsna, NIH, Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 (FGF23) and Its Receptors, $145,195; Gill, Michelle, NIH, Effect of Atopy on Dendritic Cell Antiviral Responses, $410,874; Goldberg, Matthew, NIH, Biophysical Analysis of LRRK2 (MPI), $241,475; Graff, Jonathan, NIH, Invertebrate Models of Fat Storage, $366,915; Haley, Robert, U.S. Dept. of Defense, Genome-Wide Assn.iation Study of Validated Case Definition of Gulf War Illness in Population-Representative Sample, $137,495; Hamra, Franklin, NIH, Molecular Mechanisms of Spermatogonial Development, $312,910; Hatley, Mark, NIH, Dissection of microRNA-21's Role in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, $168,480; He, Yu-Guang, Emmes Corp./NIH, Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS2), $8,942.

Hill, Joseph, NIH, Training in Cardiovascular Research, $617,940; Hooper, Lora, NIH, Bacterial Regulation of Intestinal Antimicrobial Defense-Diversity Supplement, $88,760; Huang, Chou-Long, NIH, Membrane Trafficking of Renal Ion Transport Proteins in Potassium Homeostasis, $510,673; Husain, Mustafa, NIH, Prolonging Remission in Depressed Elderly (PRIDE), $16,084; Igarashi, Peter, NIH, UT Southwestern O'Brien Kidney Research Core Center, $860,168; Jarrett, Robin, NIH, 1/2 Preventing Perinatal Depression (PRE-D): Developing Tools and Interventions (MPI), $237,750; Johnson, Jane (M. Borromeo, Fellow), NIH, Functional Role of Ascll in Developing Spinal Cord, $28,837; Kim, Roy, NIH, Effects of Recombinant IGF-1 in HIV Assn.iated Metabolic Disease, $146,670; Kohler, Jennifer, NIH, Metabolic Incorporation of Photocrosslinking Sugars to Study Sialoside Function, $371,928; Kohler, Jennifer, Natl Science Fndtn., CAREER: Genetic Method to Study Interactions Among Extracellular Proteins, $100,803; Konopka, Genevieve, NIH, FOXP2-Regulated Signaling Pathways Critical for Higher Cognitive Functions, $248,865.

Kramer, Helmut, NIH, AMPylation, Novel Mechanism Regulating Visual Neurotransmission, $317,000; Leitch, Marilyn, Duke Univ. Med. Ctr./NIH, ACOSOG Admin Coordinating Ctr; Site 119, $4,000; Lingvay, Ildiko, NIH, Role of Pancreatic Triglycerides in Beta-Cell Dysfunction, $151,200; Liu, Yi, NIH, Transcriptional and Posttranscriptional Regulation of Neurospora Circadian Clock, $336,813; Lotan, Yair, Cleveland Clinic Fndtn./NIH, Networks of Tissue Source Sites (TSS)-ARRA Stimulus Funding, $247,289; Lu, Richard, NIH, Molecular Mechanisms of Oligodendrocyte Differentiation and Myelination, $339,784; Luebke, Kevin, NIH, Ligands for Hairpin Precursor of MicroRNA Linked to Cancer and Heart Disease, $305,984; Luo, Xuelian, NIH, Structure and Function of Spindle Checkpoint Proteins, $269,283; Madden, Christopher, NIH, Phase II, Randomized Controlled Trial of Brain Tissue Oxygen Monitoring, $749,198; Malloy, Craig, NIH, Southwestern NMR Center for In Vivo Metabolism, $1,608,161; Malloy, Craig, NIH, TORS 05: Skeletal Mitochondrial Function, Body Weight and Diabetes, $377,381; Mineo, Chieko, NIH, Discovery of Novel Interventions of the Antiphospholipid Syndrome, $396,250.

Mohan, Chandra, NIH, NIAMS: CORT-Genetic Dissection of SLE-From Mouse to Man, $1,470,791; Morrison, Sean (J. Peyer, Fellow), Natl Science Fndtn., NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, $30,000; Mosconi, Matthew, NIH, Motor Control and Cerebellar Maturation in Autism, $94,396; Mumby, Marc, NIH, Cell Cycle Regulation by Protein Phosphatase 2A, $27,977; Munshi, Nikhil, NIH, Molecular Dissection of Cardiac Conduction System Development, $130,040; Nedzi, Lucien, American College Of Radiology/NIH, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG); Agreement #5915, $35,950; Nesbitt, Shawna, Minneapolis Med. Research Fndtn./NIH, ASPirin in Reducing Events in Elderly, $11,760; Niederkorn, Jerry, NIH, Core Grant for Vision Research, $649,587; Niederkorn, Jerry, NIH, Immunobiology of Corneal Allografts, $335,729; Niederkorn, Jerry, NIH, Immunobiology of Corneal Allografts-Diversity Supplement, $61,172; Norgard, Michael, NIH, Molecular Microbiology Training Grant, $275,603.

Okada, Pamela, Children’s Research Inst./NIH, EMSC Targeted Issue Grant, $57,617; O'Suilleabhain, Padraig, Massachusetts General Hosp./NIH, Coenzyme Q10 in Huntington's Disease, $6,695; Otwinowski, Zbyszek, Northwestern Univ./NIH, Center for Structural Genomics of Infectious Diseases, $319,471; Parks, Elizabeth, NIH, TORS 06: Effect of Dietary Macronutrient Composition and Weight Loss on Liver Substrate Metabolism and Liver Fat Content in Humans, $424,817; Patel, Vishal, NIH, Role of microRNA in Kidney Development and Pathogenesis of PKD, $145,555; Peng, Fangyu, NIH, Noninvasive Assessment of Traumatic Brain Injury with PET using 64CuCl2, $247,037; Phillips, Margaret, NIH, Targeting S-Adenosylmethionine Decarboxylase for HAT Drug Discovery, $833,519; Phillips, Margaret, NIH, Polyamine and Trypanothione Metabolism in Trypanosoma Brucei, $383,279.

Punaro, Marilynn, Montefiore Med. Ctr./NIH, IL-1 Inhibition in Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, Rand, Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Multicenter Trial, $24,765; Punaro, Marilynn, Duke Univ. Med. Ctr./NIH, CARRANet: Accelerating Toward Evidence Based Culture in Pediatric Rheumatology-ARRA Stimulus Funding, $272; Robertson, Danielle, NIH, P63/IGFBP3/BCL2 Control of Corneal Epithelial Homeostasis, $298,426; Rodriguez-Baez, Norberto, Univ. of Pittsburgh/NIH, Multi-Center Group to Study Acute Liver Failure in Children-ARRA Stimulus Supplement, $8,000; Rosen, Michael (C. Pak, Fellow), NIH, Determining Structural Topology of Nephrin-Receptor-Signaling Complexes, $48,398; Rosenberg, Roger, NIH, Neurobiology of Alzheimer’s Disease and Aging, $1,738,967; Russell, David, Univ of California, San Diego/NIH, LIPID-MAPS, Sterol Core J, $516,557; Sakhaee, Khashayar, Office Of Naval Research, Pathophysiologic Mechanism of Ammonium Urate Nephrolithiasis in Navy Dolphins, $207,356; Sanchez, Pablo, RTI Intl./NIH, NICHD Neonatal Research Network Capitation Funding, $13,433; Sanchez, Pablo, Duke Univ Med. Ctr./NIH, Fluconazole Prophylaxis for Prevention of Candidiasis in Infants less than 750 grams birth weight, $1,500.

Scaglioni, Pier (K. Schuster, Fellow), NIH, Lung Cancer Initiating Cells in Tumor Mouse Model Deficient in Cdkn2ab, $54,734; Scherer, Philipp (J. Park, Fellow), U.S. Dept. of Defense, Collagen VI: New Candidate Breast Cancer Marker Linked to Resistance to Platinum-Based Cancer Drugs, $81,000; Self, David, Mount Sinai School of Medicine/NIH, Molecular Neurobiology of Drug Addiction, Pj 4, $266,000; Sperandio, Vanessa, NIH, Quorum Sensing Regulation of EHEC Virulence Genes, $29,974; Suel, Gurol, NIH, Regulation of Pluripotent Differentiation by Gene Circuit Interactions, $307,751; Sun, Xiankai, NIH, Noninvasive Assessment of Pancreatic Beta-Cell Mass, $408,125; Terada, Lance, NIH, Training Program in Lung Biology and Disease, $423,719; Toto, Robert, NIH, North and Central Texas Clinical and Translational Science Initiative-U54, $67,986; Toto, Robert (P. Van Buren, Fellow), NIH, Vascular Stiffness and Endothelial Cell Function in Intradialytic Hypertension, $58,682; Tu, Benjamin, NIH, Metabolic Signals Driving Cell Growth and Proliferation, $313,830.

Van Oers, Nicolai, NIH, Integrative Immunology Training Program, $364,142; Wang, Junmei, NIH, Protein Design Using Physical Scoring Functions Integrated with Site Couplings, $198,125; Wang, Shusheng, NIH, Regulation of Ocular Angiogenesis by microRNAs, $339,251; Womack, Kyle, Univ. of California, San Diego/NIH, ADNI & ADNI-2: Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, $55,562; Wuelfing, Christoph, NATL SCIENCE FNDTN., Systems-wide Spatiotemporal Patterning in Itk Function, $274,392; Xiao, Guanghua, NIH, Secondary Data Analyses for Substance Abuse Research, $310,227; Yan, Nan, NIH, Understanding Role of TREX1 in Innate Immunity and Autoimmune Diseases, $162,000; Zhang, Rong, NIH, Mild Cognitive Impairment: Cerebrovascular Dysfunction and Exercise Training (MPI), $874,381; Zhang, Xuewu, NIH, Regulation Mechanisms for GTPase Activating Protein Domain of Plexins, $307,751; Zimmern, Philippe, New England Research Institutes/NIH, Urinary Incontinence Treatment Network (UITN); Site 171, $6,498.

Non-Federal Awards

Alto, Neal (A. Selyunin, Fellow), Howard Hughes Med. Inst., Identification and Characterization of Bacterial Catalytic Scaffold: Understanding Novel Mechanisms and Principles of Signal Transduction, $43,000; Attanasio, Massimo, American Society of Nephrology, Role of GLIS2 in Development of Cystic Kidney Disease, $100,000; Bachoo, Robert, CPRIT, Novel MRI and MRS Methods for Imaging Cancer Metabolism: P02, $213,498; Brugarolas, James, CPRIT, Identification of a Novel Oncogene in Clear-Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma, $400,877; Buszczak, Michael, CPRIT, Improved Transgenesis Platform for Systematic Screening of Tumor Suppressor Activity in Complete Gene Families in Drosophila, $240,403; Choi, Changho, CPRIT, Novel MRI and MRS Methods for Imaging Cancer Metabolism: P04, $268,866; Dowling, Michael, Doris Duke Fndtn., Investigator Meeting and Supplement to PFAST: Patent Foramen Ovale and Stroke in SCD, $20,000.

Farzaneh-Far, Ramin, American Heart Assn. Natl. Ctr., Role of Leukocyte Telomere Shortening in Coronary Artery Disease, $132,000; German, Dwight, Thoughtful House Ctr. for Children, Primate Model of Autism, $148,425; Halm, Ethan, Commonwealth Fund, Clinical Decision Support Tool to Prospectively Identify Patients at High Risk for Hospital Readmission Project, $21,573; Hofmann, Sandra, Batten Disease Support & Research Assn., Analytical Methods to Guide Treatment for CLN1/Batten Disease, $100,676; Huber, Kimberly, Simons Fndtn., Mechanisms of Synapse Elimination by Autism-Linked Genes, $300,000; Kelly, Nancy (G. Srinivas, Fellow), American Academy of Pediatrics, Love Your Baby, Wrap Your Newborn, $2,563; Kim, Taekyung, Whitehall Fndtn. Inc., Epigenetic Regulation in Memory Circuitry, $75,000; Kittler, Ralf, CPRIT, Development of Nuclear Receptor and Coregulator Profiles for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Targeting of Breast and Lung Cancers-Project 6, $250,000.

Kraus, William, UT M.D. Anderson/CPRIT, LONESTAR Oncology Network for Epigenetics Therapy and Research-Project 1, $170,671; Merritt, Matthew, CPRIT, Novel MRI and MRS Methods for Imaging Cancer Metabolism: P03, $212,678; Minna, John, CPRIT, Development of Nuclear Receptor and Coregulator Profiles for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Targeting of Breast and Lung Cancers-Project 5, $809,011; Munshi, Nikhil, Burroughs Wellcome Fund, Genomic Approaches to Understanding Cis-Regulatory Architecture of Atrioventricular Node, $140,000; Prestidge, Claude, Cystic Fibrosis Fndtn., Cystic Fibrosis Care, Teaching and Research Center, $132,125; Rakheja, Dinesh, UT San Antonio/CPRIT, Genetics and Biology of Liver Tumorigenesis in Children; C03, $86,971; Sakhaee, Khashayar (V. Yoon, Fellow), Endocrine Society, Effect of Smoking and Smoking Cessation on Bone Metabolism, $48,000.

Sharifi, Nima, Howard Hughes Med. Inst., Ligand-Independent Expression of Androgen Responsive Genes, $75,000; Sherry, Dean, CPRIT, Novel MRI and MRS Methods for Imaging Cancer Metabolism: C01, $30,881; Sreeramoju, Pranavi, UT System, Trial of Positive Deviance for Surgical Inpatients to Reduce Hospital Infections, $59,773; Wang, Jing, UT M.D. Anderson/CPRIT, Advanced Volumetric Imaging and Adaptive Radiotherapy for Detecting and Correcting for Inter-Fractional Changes, $28,039.

Industry Sponsored Awards, dollar amounts not available

Brown, Spencer, In Vivo Response to ECM Surgical Mesh Devices in Breast Implant Rabbit Model; De Lemos, James, Correlation of Changes in Biomarkers with Incidence and Progression of Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease in Dallas Heart Study; Greenberg, Benjamin, Clinical Trial Protocol Development and Preclinical Study Design; Haley, Barbara, Study of Everolimus in Combination w/Exemestane in Treatment of Postmenopausal Women w/Estrogen Receptor Positive Locally Advanced or Metastatic Breast Cancer who are Refractory to Letrozole or Anastrozole; Jessen, Michael, Study to Evaluate Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of 20mg/kg Dose of RO4905417 Administered Every 4 Weeks for 32 Weeks in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG); Mayo, Marlyn, Study to Confirm Reversal of Hepatorenal Syndrome Type I with Lucassin (Terlipressin) (REVERSE Trial); Repa, Joyce, Effects of CDDO-EA on Rescuing Diabetic Phenotypes; Szmuk, Peter, Use of Rainbow Acoustic Monitoring in Pediatric Patients-Clinical Engineering Data Collection Protocol.