OMOT winners have color photographs in common

By Ali V. Adams / October 2011

Some people text while driving. Others apply their makeup or shave. Rich Grother, senior administrative assistant in pathology, picked up his camera one morning and took pictures while driving to work.

Yes, from his moving car.

Rich Grother
Rich Grother’s award-winning Mornin’ shows the viewer a picture of a Dallas skyline that doesn’t exist anymore since the building of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

“I was blindly shooting,” he said. “I kept my eyes on the road the entire time.”

Mornin’, a product of kismet and the end result of his “blind shooting,” won Best of Show in the 2011 On My Own Time Art Show. Mr. Grother said he must have tried taking that same photo at least 50 times before one finally turned out. The winning shot is an image taken in 2007 from the Hampton Bridge, and its focal point is now a memory of the old Dallas skyline. From the Hampton Bridge today, the focal point has changed due to the presence of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, which is part of the Trinity River Project.

List of 2011 OMOT winners

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“That photo just speaks to me,” said Mr. Grother, who has entered OMOT eight times and won the Best of Show award in 2004. “I don’t see the same view of downtown as I used to. The way the sun glares on the side of the photo works. Sometimes the best photos are pure accidents.

 “I enjoy the feedback from the judges and responses I get from employees who go see the show, which is always great. You find real talent in people who surprise you with their skills.”

Randy Neely, optician in ophthalmology, won the People’s Choice award with his color photo Greener Pastures.

People’s Choice is determined by a vote of OMOT show attendees. Mr. Neely took his picture while on a family vacation at visit Zion National Park in Utah.

Randy Neely
Randy Neely’s Greener Pastures is a Western panorama he photographed at Zion National Park in Utah. OMOT attendees voted Greener Pastures the winner of People’s Choice honors.

 “We must have driven past that spot four or five times between the hotel and Zion,” said Mr. Neely, a four-time OMOT entrant and winner of a third-place award in 2009. “‘There’s a picture there,’ I kept saying to my wife. I stopped the car and quickly shot the picture.”

The OMOT art show and competition celebrated its 11th year in 2011 and attracted 85 entries. Judges from the Dallas Business Council for the Arts selected the first-place winners and one or more honorable mention winners. Best of Show were selected by the judges from among the first-place winners.