2011 OMOT winners

Top places in the various categories included:

Best of Show – Richard Grother, Color photography.

People’s Choice – Randy Neely, Color photography.

OMOT winners story

Jewelry and Metal
– Amateur: 1st place, Wilford Moore; Honorable mention: Arielle Click.

Enhanced Photo & Computer Art – Professional: 1st place, John Z. Sadler; Honorable mention: Dennis Mash. Amateur: 1st place, Phillip Sladek; Honorable mention: Paul Scott.

Color photography – Professional: 1st place, Melanie Levin; Honorable mention, Joseph Tan. Amateur: 1st place, Rich Grother; Honorable mention: Karlotta Etheridge, Govi Chou, Jason Key.

Black & White photography – Professional: 1st place, Ezequiel Cambranis; Honorable mention: Martyn Timson. Amateur: 1st place, Jeffrey Kahn; Honorable mention, Lynne Jacobs.

Mixed media – Professional: 1st place, Juliana Robles-Cambranis.  Amateur: 1st place, Susan Fredrickson.

Sculpture – Professional: 1st place, Jane Scott. Amateur: 1st place, Patrick Malafronte; Honorable mention: Julie Lively.

Works on Paper – Professional: 1st place, Anne Hollingworth; Honorable mention: Tammy Wascovich. Amateur: 1st place, William Messimer; Honorable mention: Gabrielle Cox, Andrea Pavia-Jimenez.

Works on Canvas – Professional: 1st place, Kenneth Massey; Honorable mention: Aan Williams. Amateur: 1st place, Lisa Jones; Honorable mention: Jana Strunk.

Textiles/Fiber Art – Amateur: 1st place, Colleen Calver; Honorable mention, Patrice Griffith.

Ceramic & Wood – Amateur: Honorable mention, Vicki Furgerson.