Research Awards — Feb. 1-11, 2011

Federal Awards

Babb, Tony, NIH, Dyspnea on Exertion in Obesity: Effects of Exercise Training and Weight Loss, $435,517; Barton, Theresa, HRSA, Ryan White Program; Dallas FAN, $6,500; Bezprozvanny, Ilya, NIH, Deranged Calcium Signaling and Polyglutamine Expansion Disorders, $309,094; Bibb, James, NIH, Novel Signal Transduction Mechanisms in Learning and Memory, $356,625; Brown, E. Sherwood, NIH, Reversing Corticosteroid-Induced Memory Impairment, $213,975; Brown, Kathlynn, Duke Univ. Med. Ctr./NIH, Development of Novel Therapies for NIDDM: Gene Targeting Core, $91,753; Burgess, Shawn, NIH, Factors Controlling Metabolic Flux in Liver by NMR Isotopomer Analysis, $279,774; Burma, Sandeep, NIH, Molecular Mechanisms of GBM Radioresistance and Strategies for Radiosensitization, $328,888; Cannon, Stephen, Univ. of Rochester/NIH, Nervous System Channelopathies: Pathogenesis and Treatment - ARRA Stimulus Funding, $69,208.

Chen, Chuo, NIH, Asymmetric Synthesis of Biologically Active Marine Natural Products, $239,207; Chen, David, NIH, Roles of DNA-PK in DNA Double-Strand Break Repair, $386,467; Chen, David, Univ. of California, Berkeley/NIH, Structural Cell Biology of DNA Repair Machines, $98,910; Elliott, Jeffrey, NIH, Mechanisms of SOD1 Toxicity in ALS, $278,185; Emslie, Graham, NIH, Pediatric MDD: Sequential Treatment with Fluoxetine and Relapse Prevention CBT (MPI), $537,455; Falck, J. Russell, Med. College of Wisconsin/NIH, Lipid Modulators of Pulmonary Vascular Tone, $23,550; Gimpel, Nora, Univ. of North Texas Health Science Ctr./NIH, GoodNEWS (Genes, Nutrition, Exercise, Wellness and Spiritual Growth) Trial, $66,253; Gruchalla, Rebecca, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison/NIH, Biomarkers of Cockroach Sublingual Immunotherapy 2 (BioCSI2), $102,976; Hiesinger, P. Robin, Baylor College of Medicine/NIH, Molecular Studies of Roles and Regulations of v-ATPase VO Sector - ARRA Stimulus 2 Yr Resubmission, $86,790.

Hill, Joseph, NIH, HDAC Inhibition in Cardiac Hypertrophy and Failure, $392,500; Hsia, Connie, NIH, Signals for Post-Pneumonectomy Compensatory Lung Growth, $447,658; Idris, Ahamed, NIH, Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium Regional Clinical Center - DFW Center for Resuscitation, $158,000; Johnson, Jane, NIH, Regulation and Function of Ascl1 (Mash1) in Neural Development, $309,094; Kramer, Helmut, NIH, Genetics of Endocytic Trafficking in Drosophila Eye, $317,000; Leveno, Kenneth, NIH, NICHD Maternal Fetal Medicine Units Network, $82,833; Lister, George, NIH, Antecedents Sequelae of Childhood Onset Disease, $432,000; Lister, George, Boston Univ. Med. Campus/NIH, Study of Attitudes and Factors Affecting Infant Care, $21,831; MacDonald, Raymond, Vanderbilt Univ. Med. Ctr. Office/NIH, Architecture and Communication Controlling the Efficient Generation of Beta Cells, $332,850.

Mason, Ralph, NIH, Hypoxia and Radiotherapy: Evaluation and Mitigation in Tumors, $295,999; Millner, Lori, UT Medical Branch at Galveston/HRSA, Model State Supported Area Health Education Centers Program (MAHEC), $88,000; Mumby, Marc, NIH, Cell Cycle Regulation by Protein Phosphatase 2A, $279,774; Nesbitt, Shawna, Minneapolis Med. Research Fndtn./NIH, ASPirin in Reducing Events in Elderly, $18,000; Olson, Eric (Patrick, D., fellow), NIH, Regulation of Cardiac Hypertrophy by microRNA-21, $28,288; Orth-Taussig, Kimberly, NIH, Biochemical Characterization of Yersinia Effector YpoJ, $279,774; Otwinowski, Zbyszek, Univ. of Chicago/NIH, Midwest Center for Structural Genomics - Sub Pj ID 5918, $125,979; Paulk, Mary, Dana-Farber Cancer Inst./NIH, Black-White Differences in Advanced Cancer Communication, Acceptance and Care, $134,951; Roland, Peter, Duke Clinical Research Inst./NIH, CHEER Network: Creating Healthcare Excellence through Education and Research, $17,265.

Schiller, Joan, Eastern Coop Oncology Group Coord. Ctr./NIH, ECOG Thoracic Committee, $11,000; Schneider, Jay, NIH, Microenvironmental Control of Progenitors in Organ Dysfunction and Repair (MPI), $9,555; Seemann, Joachim, NIH, Cell Cycle Regulation of Golgi Membrane Dynamics, $317,000; Seidel, Michelle (Smith, C., fellow), NIH, Analysis of PDFR Alpha Signaling in Cardiac Fibroblast Development and Function, $27,996; Self, David (Nugent, A., fellow), NIH, Differential Changes in Dopaminoceptive Neurons During Cocaine Withdrawal, $50,474; Souza, Rhonda, NIH, Basic and Clinical Studies on Role of Bile Acids in Barrett's Esophagus (MPI), $235,305; Sperandio, Vanessa, NIH, Quorum Sensing Regulation of EHEC Virulence Genes, $422,042; Starr, Adam, Johns Hopkins Univ./U.S. Dept. of Defense, Major Extremity Trauma Research Consortium, $47,312; Sternweis, Paul, NIH, Signal Transduction via Receptors and G Proteins, $459,805; Sternweis, Paul, NIH, Signal Transduction via Receptors and G Proteins - Diversity Supplement, $26,203.

Varley, Alan, NIH, Interactions of Endotoxin with Plasma and Cells, $434,069; Wright, Woodring, Boston Biomedical Research Inst./NIH, Biomarkers for Therapy of FSHD, $147,659; Wu, Tianfu, Johns Hopkins Univ./NIH, Hopkins Lupus Cohort, $12,839; Yin, Helen, NIH, Phosphoinositide Regulation of Golgi - Diversity Supplemental 2, $40,885; Zhang, Rong, UT Dallas/NIH, Impact of Exercise and Engagement on Cognition in Older Adults - ARRA Stimulus Challenge Grant, $151,287; Zhao, Dawen, NIH, Dynamic Multimodal Imaging of Tumor Hypoxia and Vascular Profiles in Glioblastoma, $155,132; Zigman, Jeffrey, NIH, Ghrelin's Role in Mood, $356,625.

Non-Federal Awards

Babb, Tony (Lorenzo, S., fellow), American Heart Assn. S. Central, Dyspnea Exertion in Obese Women: Effects of Exercise Training and Weight Loss, $38,000; Brown, E. Sherwood, Stanley Med. Research Inst., Trial of Pregnenolone for Bipolar Depression, $64,890; Brown, Kathlynn, Welch Fndtn., Design and Synthesis of Tumor Targeted Drug Delivery Systems for Lung Cancer Therapy, $50,000; Cowell, Lindsay, Burroughs Wellcome Fund, Novel Statistical Approach to Deducing Function of Regulatory DNA: Examples from Analyses of Recombination Signal Sequences, $55,381; Elmquist, Joel (Kim, K., fellow), American Heart Assn. Inc., SF-1 in Ventromedial Hypothalamic Nucleus and Energy Homeostasis, $40,000; Frohman, Elliot, Cleveland Clinic Fndtn./NMSS, Validation Study of Diffusion Tensor Imaging as Physiologically Relevant Biomarker of Brain Tissue Integrity, $134,144.

Galindo, Rene, Alex's Lemonade Stand, Pediatric Sarcoma, Rhabdomyosarcoma and Mechanisms of Origin, $125,000; Goldsmith, Elizabeth, Welch Fndtn., Structural and Functional Insight into Activation Mechanism of OSR1/SPAK Kinase, $80,000; Gumbo, Tawanda, Howard Hughes Med. Inst./K-RITH Traveling Scholar Award, $75,000; Husain, Mustafa, Stanley Med. Research Inst., Magnetic Seizure Therapy (MST) for Treatment of Severe Mood Disorder, $47,894; Liu, Yi, Welch Fndtn., Biochemical Analysis of RNA Interference Pathway, $60,000; Monteggia, Lisa (Adachi, M., fellow), Rett Syndrome Research Fndtn., Evaluation of Antidepressants as Potential Therapeutic Intervention for Rett Syndrome, $50,000; Peltz, Matthias, American Heart Assn. Inc., Influence of Metformin on Myocardial Substrate Metabolism and Function in Model of Ischemia and Cardioplegic Arrest, $70,000; Petroll, W. Matthew, Johns Hopkins Univ., Novel Anterior Corneal Construct for Ocular Toxicity Testing in Vitro, $15,000.

Scherer, Philipp, Juvenile Diabetes Research Fndtn., Novel Pathways for Expansion of Beta-Cell Mass, $150,000; Uyeda, Kosaku, Welch Fndtn., Biochemical Mechanism of Glucose Sensing and Regulation of ChREBP Activity, $50,000; Wai, Clifford (Balgobin, S., fellow), Intl. Urogynecological Assn., Repeat Injury to External Anal Sphincter: Contractile Properties and Morphologic Changes Over Time, $20,000; Winkler, Wade, Welch Fndtn., New Methods for Purification and Analytical Detection of Riboswitch Ligands, $50,000; Wu, Jiang, Whitehall Fndtn., Inc., Chromatin Regulation of Neuronal Gene Expression and Function, $75,000; Wu, Jiang, Welch Fndtn., Chromatin Regulation of Neuronal Activity-Dependent Gene Expression, $50,000; Zigman, Jeffrey (Derderian, D., fellow), American Heart Assn. Inc., Role of Ventral Tegmental Area in Ghrelin's Mediation of Eating Behaviors, $40,000.

Industry Sponsored Awards, dollar amounts not available

Brekken, Rolf, Evaluating Effect of Anti-TGFbRII Antibody on Progression of PDAC; Gerber, David, Trial of Bavituximab Plus Docetaxel in Patients with Previously Treated Locally Advanced or Metastatic Non-Squamous Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer; Gill, Kevin, Investigation of TRIUMPH® Lumbar Disc: Pilot Study; Jain, Mamta, Trial of Pregabalin in Subjects with Neuropathic Pain Associated with HIV Neuropathy; Journeycake, Janna, Study of Human Plasma-Derived Factor XIII Concentrate in Subjects with Congenital Factor XIII Deficiency; Lee, William, VITROS HBeAg/Anti-HBe Hepatitis High Risk Sample Collection Protocol; Maher, Elizabeth, Study of CP-868,596, Selective and Potent Inhibitor of PDGFR for Treatment of Adult Gliomas; McGuire, Darren, EXenatide Study of Cardiovascular Event Lowering Trial (EXSCEL) - Trial to Evaluate Cardiovascular Outcomes after Treatment with Exenatide Once Weekly in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

McPhaul, Michael, Extension Study of Efficacy and Safety of CORLUX® (mifepristone) in Treatment of Signs and Symptoms of Endogenous Cushing's Syndrome; Reimold, Andreas, Study to Evaluate Long-Term Safety of Sifalimumab in Adult Subjects with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus or Myositis; Wang, Serena, Study of Safety & Efficacy of Difluprednate Ophthalmic Emulsion 4 Times Daily & Prednisolone Acetate Ophthalmic Suspension for Inflammation Following Cataract Surgery in Children 0 to 3 Yrs.

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