Sagalowsky named master of Cary College

‘Distinguished urologist,’ professor succeeds the late Dr. William Snyder III

By Lin Lofley / Holidays 2010

Dr. Arthur Sagalowsky, professor of urology, has been named master of Cary College, succeeding Dr. William H. Snyder III, who died in April at the age of 73.

“Dr. Sagalowsky is a distinguished urologist, and I’ve known him and been on committees with him for many years,” said Dr. Daniel Foster, headmaster of the six academic colleges at UT Southwestern Medical School. “This is an important job, and when I called him he immediately said, ‘Yes.’”

Dr. Arthur Sagalowsky

Dr. Sagalowsky, speaking of his appointment, said, “I knew Dr. Snyder since 1978, when I came here as a research fellow. We worked together on many surgeries, and he was a wonderful surgeon. But he was an even more wonderful person. It means a lot to me to follow in his footsteps.”

The academic colleges were created four years ago as part of the medical school. Clinical teaching faculty act as mentors for small groups of students, guiding them in clinical medicine and reasoning, interpersonal and communication skills, ethics, professionalism, and human behavior. Each college has a master, who leads a team of mentors.

“I’m still learning as we go,” Dr. Sagalowsky said, as he prepared to act as a substitute for a member of the mentor team. “I can tell you that I’m thrilled to be part of the program. Masters help respond to the needs of individual students and to the needs of the mentors.”

Each college has a team of mentors. Cary College mentors are Dr. Brett Arnoldo, associate professor of surgery; Dr. Robert Bash, associate professor of pediatrics; Dr. Elizabeth Brickner, professor of internal medicine; Dr. Irwin Kerber, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology; Dr. Shawna Nesbitt, associate professor of internal medicine; and Dr. Scott Roberts, professor of obstetrics and gynecology.

The other academic colleges and their masters are: Estabrook College, Dr. Rody Cox, professor of internal medicine; Fashena College, Dr. Joel Steinberg, professor of pediatrics; Pritchard College, Dr. Lynne Kirk, professor of internal medicine and family and community medicine; Seldin College, Dr. W. Gary Reed, chief quality officer at UT Southwestern and professor of internal medicine and surgery; and Sprague College, Dr. Shelley Roaten, professor of family and community medicine.

Cary College won the inaugural Colleges Cup, presented at the end of the last academic year. The colleges compete for the award in areas of altruism, recreation and academics.

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Dr. Foster holds the John Denis McGarry, Ph.D., Distinguished Chair in Diabetes and Metabolic Research.

Dr. Sagalowsky holds the Dr. Paul Peters Chair in Urology, in Memory of Rumsey and Louis Strickland.