Research News — Holidays 2010

Dr. Dennis Stone

Office for Technology Development: Concerted effort helps move discoveries from lab to marketplace *

What do a drug that breaks down blood clots, a calcium supplement to prevent osteoporosis and a detachable coil for the treatment of aneurysms have in common? Each of these products – on the market today, treating patients and saving lives – was once just an idea in the mind of a UT Southwestern faculty member. The process of transforming a scientific discovery or a design for a new medical device into a commercial product, however, typically requires help from experts outside the laboratory. Read More

Jan. 25 symposium to explain commercialization process*
For faculty interested in potential opportunities for having their scientific work translated into commercial applications to benefit patients, the Office for Technology Development at UT Southwestern will hold the Winter 2011 Entrepreneurship Symposium, titled “Found in Translation: Pathways to Commercialization,” on Jan. 25, 2011. Read More

Reata stands out among collaborative biotechnology success stories*

Ten years ago, while he was investigating natural products for their biological activity, Dr. Jef De Brabander stumbled upon a metabolite from a sea sponge that appeared to have anti-cancer properties. Read More

PARP-1 inhibitors effective against some cancers*
Drugs that inhibit an enzyme called PARP-1 have been shown to be effective in fighting some cancers, but why this approach works has not been fully understood. Read More

Big honor, small subject (photo)*

Rise, fall of body temperature regulates human metabolism
Disruption of two genes that control circadian rhythms can lead to diabetes, a researcher at UT Southwestern Medical Center has found in an animal study. Read More

Brain may be key to effectiveness of leptin therapy
New findings by researchers suggest a novel role for the brain in mediating beneficial actions of the hormone leptin in type 1 diabetes. Read More