Research Awards — June/July 2010

Federal Awards

Addo, Tayo, NIH/New York Univ., Oc­cluded Artery Trial (OAT), $1,100; Adinoff, Bryon, NIH, Clinical Trial Network: North Texas Node - Protocol 37 (STRIDE) Sup­plement, $393,016; Adinoff, Bryon, NIH, Clinical Trial Network: North Texas Node - Protocol 44 (Web-Delivery), $258,692; Adinoff, Bryon, NIH, Clinical Trial Network: North Texas Node - Pro­to­col 31 (STAGE 12), $257,371; Albanesi, Joseph, NIH, Type II PI 4-Kinases in Cell Signaling, $295,317.

Avery, Leon, NIH, Satiety Signaling in Caenorhabditis elegans, $301,150; Baner­jee, Subhash, NIH/Univ. of Toledo, CORAL: Cardiovascular Outcomes in Renal Athe­ro­sclerotic Lesions, $1,175; Baum, Michel, NIH, Neonatal Proximal Tubular Acid­i­fication (MPI), $335,729; Berry, Jarett, NIH/Univ. of Wash., Carotid Plaque Char­acteristics by MRI in AIM-High, $26,628; Bezprozvanny, Ilya, Dept. of Defense, Devel­opment of Novel Therapy for Chronic Neurological Pain, $206,581.

Bibb, James, NIH, Novel Signal Transduction Mechanisms in Learning and Memory, $3,750; Boothman, David, NIH, Use of Beta-Lapachone for Lung Cancer Chemotherapy, $341,159; Brown, Edson, NIH, Reversing Corticosteroid-Induced Memory Impairment, $237,750; Buchanan, George, NIH/Univ. of Okla., UT Southwestern Hemostasis Consortium, $70,821; Carr, Bruce, NIH, NICHD Contraceptive Clinical Trials Network (Core Task Protocol Development), $41,778.

Chuang, David, NIH, Structure and Function of Mitochondrial Protein Kinase, $373,032; Crandall, Craig (M. Brothers, fellow), NIH, Mechanisms of Cardiac Function and Cerebral Vascular Control During Heat Stress, $52,154; DeMartino, George, NIH, Function and Regulation of Proteasome, $318,632; Elmquist, Joel, NIH, Leptin Action and Central Melanocortin Systems - ARRA Stimulus Admin. Supp. #2, $157,000; Feng, Pinghui, NIH, Post-Translational Events Underlying the KSHV vGPCR Pathogenesis, $325,775.

Fischer, Anne, NIH, Novel Strategies for Aerosolized AAV Gene Therapy, $128,250; Fitzgerald, John, NIH/Duke Univ., Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Clinical Research Network: IPFNET, $1,091; Garg, Abhimanyu, NIH, Novel Therapies for Metabolic Complications in Patients With Lipodystrophies, $317,481; Garrard, William, NIH, Reorganization of High-Order Chromatin Structures During Igk Gene Activation, $381,193; Graff, Jonathan, NIH, Hormonal Regulation of Fat Deposition, $626,650.

Grinnell, Frederick, NIH, Development of In Vitro Wound-Healing Model, $455,346; He, Yu-Guang, NIH/Emmes Corp., Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2, $4,604; Hodics, Timea, NIH, TDCS-Enhanced Stroke Recovery and Cortical Reorganization - ARRA Stimulus Admin. Supp., $20,500; Holper, Elizabeth, NIH/Univ. of Toledo, CORAL: Cardiovascular Outcomes in Renal Atherosclerotic Lesions, $2,795; Hooper, Lora, NIH, Bacterial Regulation of Intestinal Antimicrobial Defense, $396,250.

Huang, Hao, NIH, Digital Probabilistic MRI Atlas of Primate Brain With Tool Kits for Surgery Guidance and Data Registration, $235,716; Huber, Kimberly (J. Wilkerson, fellow), NIH, Regulation of Synapse Elimination by FMRP, $52,154; Johnson, Mark, NIH/Univ. of N.C. at Chapel Hill, Carotid Occlusion Surgery Study, $425; Journeycake, Janna, NIH, Treatment of Clinically Silent Catheter-Related Deep Vein Thrombosis, $108,000; Karandikar, Nitin, NIH, Autoreactive CD8+ T Cells in Multiple Sclerosis, $304,954.

Karandikar, Nitin, NIH, Autoreactive CD8+ T Cells in Multiple Sclerosis-Diversity Supplement, $67,858; Kavalali, Ege, NIH, Role of SNARE Interactions in Central Synapse Function, $392,500; Kavalali, Ege, NIH, Cellular Biophysics of Neuron Training Program, $61,685; Kernie, Steven, NIH, Role of Neural Stem Cells in Traumatic Brain Injury, $305,619; Lee, Simon, Rockefeller Univ., Research Participation Perception of Care Project: Part II: Fielding and Validation of Research Participant Perception Survey, $4,564.

Leitch, Marilyn, NIH/Duke Univ., ACOSOG Admin. Coordinating Ctr., Site 119, $14,750; Li, Shuxin, NIH, Overcoming Glial Scar Inhibitions on Axonal Growth, $237,750; MacDonald, Raymond, NIH, Transcriptional Regulators of Exocrine Pancreatic Development, $373,032; Malloy, Craig, NIH/Med. Coll. of Ga., Metabolic Phenotyping Center for Mouse Models of Diabetes - ARRA Stimulus Admin. Supp., $239,970; McClung, Colleen (S. Spencer, fellow), NIH, Role of Dopaminergic Transmission in Development of Manic-like Behaviors, $28,359.

Miller, David, NIH/Gynecologic Oncology Group, Gynecologic Oncology Group Studies (per Capita), $5,016; Mohan, Chandra, NIH, Ayurvedic Alternatives in Autoimmunity, $194,288; Muallem, Shmuel, NIH, Molecular Mechanisms of Ion Transport by the SMG, $372,773; Pandita, Tej Krishan, NIH, Functional Characterization of Mammalian MOF Gene Product, $287,258; Pride, Glenn, NIH/Med. Univ. of S.C., Stenting vs. Aggressive Medical Management for Preventing Recurrent Events in Intracranial Stenosis, $52,200.

Punaro, Marilynn, NIH/Children’s Hosp. & Regional Med. Ctr., Early Aggressive Therapy in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis - TREAT, $2,550; Quinn, Charles, NIH/Wash. Univ., St. Louis, Silent Cerebral Infarction Multicenter Clinical Trial, $17,946; Rizo-Rey, Jose, NIH, Neurotransmitter Release Machinery: Structure and Function, $405,638; Roan, John, Dept. of Energy/State Energy Conservation Ofc., Solar Photovoltaic Parking Canopies - ARRA Stimulus Renewable Energy Tech Prgm., $2,000,000; Rodriguez-Baez, Norberto, NIH/Children’s Hosp. of Pittsburgh, Multicenter Study of Acute Liver Failure in Children, $18,900.

Roth, Michael, NIH, ECHO 555 Acoustical Droplet Ejection System for High-Throughput Screening - ARRA Stimulus Equipment Funds, $410,602; Rothenfluh, Adrian, NIH, Control of Alcohol Responses by Actin-Regulating Genes, $376,438; Sanchez, Pablo, NIH/Duke Univ., Fluconazole Prophylaxis for Prevention of Candidiasis in Infants <750 grams="" birth="" weight="" 2="" 000="" scherer="" philipp="" nih="" acrp="" a="" protein="" secreted="" from="" adipose="" tissue="" 518="" 937="" schiller="" joan="" eastern="" co-op="" oncology="" group="" coord="" ctr="" ecog="" clinical="" trials="" 21="" 637="" br="">
Schiller, Joan, NIH/Univ. of Chicago, Cancer and Leukemia Group B (CALGB) Case Study Services, $2,100; Sharifi, Nima (R. Thomas, fellow), Dept. of Defense, Capitalizing on SOD2-AR Nexus in Advanced Prostate Cancer to Target AR With SOD Mimetic, $60,451; Smith, Scott, NIH, Mechanisms of Exercise Pressor Reflex Overactivity in Hypertension, $392,500; Snell, William, NIH, Cell Surface Recognition and Cell Interactions, $376,918; Soyombo-Shoola, Abigail, NIH, Molecular and Functional Characterization of Mucolipin-1, $146,504.

Terman, Jonathan, NIH, Molecular Mechanisms of Axon Guidance and Neural Connectivity, $353,250; Thorpe, Philip (Y. Yin, fellow), Dept. of Defense, Androgen Deprivation Therapy Induces Marker for Immunotherapy of Prostate Cancer, $63,174; Timmerman, Robert, NIH/Amer. Coll. of Radiology, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group, $100; Toto, Robert, NIH, Mentoring Program for Clinical Researchers in Nephrology, $167,954; Toto, Robert, NIH/Univ. of Utah, Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial Clinical Center Networks (NHLBI), $70,116.

Trivedi, Madhukar, NIH, Comprehensive Intervention for Diabetes and Comorbid Depression in Primary Care, $212,236; Weakley, David, NIH/Jaeb Ctr. for Health, Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group: Amblyopia Treatment Study, $2,590; Wise, Carol, NIH, Identification of Genetic Susceptibility in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis, $561,364; Wolfe, Gil, NIH/Univ. of Ala. Huntsville, Thymectomy in Non-Thymomatous MG Patients on Prednisone (Subcode 002), $78,500; Wright, Woodring (J. Robin, fellow), NIH/Boston Biomed. Research Inst., Biomarkers for Therapy of FSHD - PreDoc Fellowship, $35,670.

Wuelfing, Christoph, NIH, Quantitative Understanding of Regulation of Actin Dynamics in Live T Cells - ARRA Stimulus Funding, $196,250; Yilmaz, Cuneyt, NIH, Quantification of Regional Lung Disease by Computed Tomography - ARRA Stimulus Funding, $78,500; Yin, Helen, NIH, Phosphoinositide Regulation of Golgi, $314,906; Yin, Helen, NIH, Phosphoinositide Regulation of Golgi - Diversity Supp., $21,498; Yu, Hongtao, NIH, Protection of Centromeric Cohesion by Bub1 and Sgo1, $295,317.

Yu, Hongtao, NIH, Protection of Centromeric Cohesion by Bub1 and Sgo1-Diversity Supp., $13,893; Yuan, Joseph, NIH, Gating Mechanism of TRPCs and Orai1 by STIM1 and Their Role in Cardiac Hypertrophy, $6,570; Zigman, Jeffrey, NIH, Ghrelin and Reward, $308,880; Zigman, Jeffrey, NIH, Ghrelin’s Role in Mood, $3,750; Zinn, Andrew, NIH, SIM1 Function in Feeding Regulation, $373,032.

Nonfederal Awards

Abrams, John, Welch Fndtn., Apoptosome Control by Tango7/EIF3M Proteins, $50,000; Banerjee, Rahul, Ctr. for Orthopaedic Trauma Advmt., Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship Grant, $72,345; Bruick, Richard, Welch Fndtn., Characterization of Iron- and Oxygen-Sensing Switch Regulating Cellular Iron Homeostasis, $50,000; Conrad, Nicholas, Welch Fndtn., Biochemical Analysis of Viral RNA Stability Element With Its Cellular Cofactor, hnRNP C, $50,000; DeBerardinis, Ralph, Welch Fndtn., Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of Small Molecule Metabolic Probes: Novel Reagents for Monitoring Cancer Cell Metabolism, $50,000.

Evans, Phil, Komen Breast Cancer Fndtn., Mobile Mammography Outreach, $153,730; Goodman, Joel, Texas Workforce Commission., Texas Workforce Commission Summer Merit Program, $27,300; Grishin, Nick, Welch Fndtn., Regulation of Flavocoenzyme Homeostasis, $50,000; Grishin, Nick, Fla. Dept. of Citrus, Insight Into Causative Agent of Citrus Greening Disease (HLB) Using Computational Structure/Function Analysis of Genome Encoded Proteins, $34,285; Haller, Ronald, CHDI Fndtn., Mitochondrial Stress Test: Validation Study in Subjects With Huntington’s Disease vs. Controls, $16,602.

Hamann, Heidi, Natl. Lung Cancer Prtnrship., Sex Differences in Stigma and Shame Among Lung Cancer Patients, $50,000; Herz, Joachim, Amer. Health Assistance Fndtn., ApoE Receptor-Mediated Mechanism for AD Pathogenesis, $133,333; Herz, Joachim, Univ. of Calif., San Francisco, Consortium for Frontotemporal Dementia Research, $82,500; Hiesinger, Robin, Welch Fndtn., Role of V0 ATPase SNARE-Mediated Membrane Fusion, $50,000; Hooper, Lora (S. Mukherjee, fellow), Helen Hay Whitney Fndtn., RegIIIg: Exploring Mechanism and Function of Bactericidal C-type Leptin, $45,500.

Huber, Kimberly (T. Zang, fellow), Fraxa Research Fndtn., Developmental Study of FMRP Dependent Synapse Regulation in Fragile X Syndrome, $45,000; Jain, Mamta (E. Kitchell, fellow), Bristol-Myers Squibb, Tailored Intervention to Increase Rates of HIV Testing of Hepatitis B- and C-Infected Patients by Medical Providers, $20,000; Jiang, Youxing, Welch Fndtn., Structural and Functional Studies of RCK-Regulated Potassium Channel, $60,000; Johnson, Jane, Fine Science Tools, Fine Science Tools Travel Award, $1,000; Li, Hsiao-Ching, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Parkland Breast Navigator, $59,800.

Lum, Lawrence, Welch Fndtn., Modulation of Canonical Wnt Pathway Activity Using Small Molecules, $50,000; Olson, Eric, AHA, DeHaan Cardiac Myogenesis Research Center, $500,000; Olson, Eric, Miragen Therapeutics, Delivery Means of Anti-MiRs and MiR Mimics to Heart in Animal Models, $130,000; Powell, Craig, Autism Speaks, Animal Models of Autism: Pathogenesis and Treatment, $100,000; Rizo-Rey, Jose, Welch Fndtn., NMR Methods to Study Membrane Proteins in Lipid Bilayers, $50,000.

Russell, David, Welch Fndtn., Structure-Function in Mammalian Etherase Enzymes, $50,000; Suel, Gurol, Welch Fndtn., Noise-Induced Functional Differences Between Redundant Feedback Loops, $50,000; Tambar, Uttam, Welch Fndtn., Asymmetric Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation With Low Valent Iron Catalysts, $50,000; Tamminga, Carol, NARSAD, Hippocampal Learning and Memory Mechanisms in Schizophrenia, $99,999; Terman, Jonathan, Welch Fndtn., Chemistry and Enzymology of MICAL Family Oxidoreductases, $50,000.

Thomas, Philip, Reata Discovery, Identify Small Molecules That Inhibit Misfolding of Certain Disease-Related Proteins, $167,123; Timmerman, Robert (W. Rule, fellow), ASCO Cancer Fndtn., Phase I Study of Single Fraction Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Patients With Hepatic Metastases, $50,000; Wan, Yihong, Welch Fndtn., Biochemical Characterization of Lipid Toxicity Mediated by Maternal PPARy Deficiency, $50,000; White, Michael, Welch Fndtn., Analysis of Functional Significance of Complex Protein/Protein Interactions, $80,000; Wynn, Ralph, VuCOMP, Transfer of Coded Hologic (TM) Digital Mammography Case Files, $45,045.

Industry-Sponsored Awards, dollar amounts not available

Arnold, S., Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Efficacy and Safety Study of Clobazam (0.2.5 and 1.0 mg/kg/day) in Patients With Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome; Bowers, D., Phase 2 Study of Safety and Efficacy of Nimotuzumab (TheraCIM) in Pediatric Patients With Recurrent Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma; Dowell, J., Phase III, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Multicenter Study of ASA404 in Combination With Docetaxel in Second-Line Treatment of Patients With Advanced or Metastatic (Stage IIIb/IV) Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC); Gerber, D., Multicenter, Open-Label Safety and Pharmacokinetics Study of Chimeric Anti-Phosphatidylserine Monoclonal Antibody (Bavituximab) in Patients With Refractory Advanced Solid Tumor Malignancies.

Lee, W., Study of SCH 900518 in Previously Untreated Subjects With Genotype 1 Chronic Hepatitis C; Lee, W., Phase 3 Safety and Efficacy Study of Boceprevir in Combination With Peginterferon Alfa-2a and Ribavirin in Subjects With Chronic Hepatitis C Genotype 1 Who Failed Prior Treatment With Peginterferon/Ribavirin; Lotan, Y., Validation of Clinical Utility of Reflex Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Assay in Patients With Atypical Cytology for Detection of Urothelial Carcinoma of the Bladder; Meyer, D., HeartMate II Post Market Study Data Collection; Nedzi, L., Phase II Multicenter Study of Concomitant Cetuximab and Cisplatin With Re-irradiation Using Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy in Patients With Recurrent Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck.

Nesbitt, S., Glycemic Effects of Nebivolol Compared With Metoprolol Extended Release and Compared With Hydrochlorothiazide in Hypertensive Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Pilot Study; Pearle, M., Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Concentration-Escalating, Pharmacokinetic Study Evaluating the Systemic Absorption, Safety, and Efficacy of OMS201 in Subjects Undergoing Ureteroscopic Treatment of Ureteral- or Renal Collecting System-Located Stones; Pierce, A., Randomized Study of EZ-IO Compared to Central Venous Lines Used for Urgent Vascular Access; Purdue, G., Open, Parallel, Randomized, Comparative, Multicenter Investigation in U.S. Evaluating the Cost Effectiveness, Efficacy, Safety and Tolerance of Mepilex Ag vs. Silvadene in the Treatment of Partial Thickness Burns.

Raskin, P., Effect of Insulin Detemir in Combination With Liraglutide and Metformin Compared to Liraglutide and Metformin in Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes: 26-Week, Randomized, Open-Label, Parallel-Group, Multicenter, Multinational Trial With a 26-Week Extension; Warner, J., Bivalirudin PCI Registry in HIT/HITTS Patients; Weiner, M., Multicenter, Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study of the Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacodynamic and Pharmacokinetic Effects of BMS-708163 in the Treatment of Patients With Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease.