Ophthalmologists adopt EyeRoute imaging system

By Russell Rian 

April 2010

With the national effort under way to digitize health care records by 2014, the Department of Ophthalmology has launched a cutting-edge system for storing, viewing and transmitting eye images.

A 2006 survey of eye-care physicians indicated that only about 12 percent had managed to launch electronic health records at all and that only a few systems could handle the variety of unique sources used to obtain critical eye images.

UT Southwestern’s Department of Ophthalmology has launched EyeRoute, a user-friendly system that can digitize the images taken from a host of eye-imaging instruments into a single database, where they can be accessed by ophthalmologists. Using a touch-screen interface, the system allows multiple ways to review the images, as well as to attach notes and dictation to the file.

“We are confident that this unique system will help streamline and improve the care for our patients as well as our associations with our referring physicians,” said Dr. James McCulley, chairman of ophthalmology.

The files are secured through encryption and a firewall and are tracked for usage to enhance security and ensure privacy. The system allows UT Southwestern ophthalmologists to access and share the vast array of images electronically, on laptops or through a secure iPhone application, and to attach them to consultations sent to patients’ physicians.

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Dr. McCulley holds the David Bruton Jr. Chair in Ophthalmology.