OMOT art show draws more than 100 entries

Tammy Wascovich took home “Best in Show” honors in the 2010 On My Own Time Art Show with a work in mixed media called “7 days of consumption: self-portrait.”

Ms. Wascovich, competing in the professional category, created the artwork in April for an assignment at Texas Woman’s University, where she is pursuing a master’s degree in painting. She kept the wrappers from all of the processed foods she ate for a week, and that packaging became the medium for her work. The show was judged by representatives of the Dallas Business Council for the Arts.

Tammy Wascovich with “7 days of consumption: self-portrait”

“I do a lot of portraits, so the idea of mixing my interest of character studies and what I had learned about consumption was interesting to me,” said the Ohio native and wife of Patrick Wascovich, publications manager for news and publications. “My next character study project will involve a trip to the State Fair of Texas.”

Linda C. Flores, research study coordinator at the Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, won the People’s Choice award in color photography for her entry, "Flower Power."

The On My Own Time employee art show and competition was celebrated in its 10th year with a show in the South Campus Main Library. More than 100 faculty members, staff, students, contract workers and their spouses entered the art show in a variety of categories.

On My Own Time is organized and produced to recognize and encourage creativity, stimulate dialogue and build team spirit among employees.

Winners in the various categories of the 2010 show included:

Black & White Photography — Professional: 1st place, Joseph Tan. Amateur: 1st place, Derek Mathis; Honorable mention, Jason Key.

Ceramic and Wood — Amateur: 1st place, Jeff Rouse; Honorable mention; Tracy Mackay.

Color Photography — Professional: 1st place, Barbara Nunn. Amateur: 1st place, Kellee Harbin; Honorable mention, Katie Bosler, Andy Guynn, Carolyn Sturge.

Enhanced Photo & Computer Art — Professional: 1st place, Mark W. Smith. Amateur: 1st place, Paul Scott; Honorable mention, Kim Hoggatt.

Jewelry and Metal — Amateur: 1st place, Genevra Garrett; Honorable mention, Carol Wortham.

Mixed media — Professional: 1st place, Tammy Wascovich.  Amateur: 1st place, Jessica Santoyo; Honorable mention, Glenys Chafin-Garrett.

Sculpture — Amateur: 1st place, Dennis Peters; Honorable mention, Raymond Fowler.

Textiles/Fiber Art
— Amateur: 1st place, Laurie Thompson; Honorable mention, M. Victoria Webster.

Works on Canvas — Professional: 1st place, Jane Scott; Honorable mention, Gala Mikkelson. Amateur: 1st place, David Camacho; Honorable mention, Lily Luc, Elena Nosyreva.

Works on Paper — Professional: 1st place, Karen Piloto; Honorable mention, Anne Hollingworth. Amateur: 1st place, Martha Aceves; Honorable mention, Linda Bridges-Halcomb, Cana Cameron.

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