January Grants — April 2010

Federal Grants

Arizumi, K., NIH, DC-HIL in Cutaneous Immunity, $2,187; Bezprozvanny, I., NIH, Deranged Calcium Signaling and Polyglutamine Expansion Disorders, $19,688; Brekken, R., DOD, Delineating the Effect a Novel Anti-VEGF-A Therapy Has on the Lymphatic System of Immunocompetent Tumor-Bearing Mice, $75,000 (Delinger, M., fellow); Brown, E.S., NIH, Citicoline for Bipolar Disorder and Cocaine Dependence, $225,778; Burgess, S., NIH, Factors Controlling Metabolic Flux in the Liver by NMR Isotopomer Analysis, $97,941 (supplement).

Chen, D., NIH, Functions of WRN in Response to DNA Double-Strand Breaks, $207,500; Cohen, J., NIH, Genetic Determinants of Coronary Atherosclerosis, $250,000; Cobb, M., NIH, MAP Kinase in Islet Function, $162,729; Dietschy, J., NIH,
UT Gastroenterology/Hepatology Research Training Program, $1,871; Elmquist, J., NIH, Leptin Action and Central Melanocortin Systems, $98,440 (supplement).

Elliott, J., NIH, Mechanisms of SOD1 Toxicity in ALS, $177,188; Gardner, K., NIH, Structural Dynamics of Pas Domain Containing Transcription Factors, $47,210 (Zoltowski, B., fellow); Goldsmith, E., NIH, Interactions and Dual Phosphorylation in MAP Kinase Cascades, $60,000; Hendrixson, D., NIH, Campylobacter jejuni Flagellar Regulation and Synthesis, $212,181; Herz, J., NIH, Metabolism of the VLDL Receptor and ApoE Receptor 2, $250,000.

Jiang, J., NIH, Complex Regulation of Ci/Gli Proteins in Hedgehog Signal Transduction, $70,000 (supplement); Kodibagkar, V., NIH, 1H MRI-Based Nanosensors for Imaging Tumor Oxygenation, $118,800; Lai, H., NIH, Transcriptional Regulatory Control of Neuronal Cell Type Specification, $456; Leveno, K., NIH, NICHD Maternal Fetal Medicine Units Network, $16,397; MacDonald, R., NIH, Determining the Developmental Progression of PTF1 Targets by ChIP-seq, $112,500; Mason, R., NIH, Hypoxia and Radiotherapy: Evaluation and Mitigation in Tumors, $207,500.

Norgard, M., NIH, Structure and Function of Treponema pallidum Lipoproteins, $247,500; Orth, K., NIH, Biochemical Characterization of Yersinia Effector YopJ, $180,000; Parada, L., NIH, Genetic Mouse Models of Glioma, $233,429; Parada, L., NIH, Genetic Mouse Models of Glioma, $23,421; Repa, J., NIH, Nuclear Hormone Receptor Regulation of Cholesterol Absorption, $17,522 (supplement).

Rizo-Rey, J., NIH, Synaptotagmin and C2–Domains: Structure and Function, $261,097; Rogers, Z., CDC, Promoting Education and Outreach of Persons With Hereditary Blood Disorders: Identifying Patients With Diamond Blackfan Anemia, $126,967; Shad, M., NIH, Neurobiology of Insight Deficits in Schizophrenia, $156,199; Sperandio, V., NIH, SdiA Regulation of EHEC Virulence, $268,983; White, M., NIH, Components of Ras-Mediated Growth Control, $149,830.

White, M., NIH, Components of Ras-Mediated Growth Control, $40,885 (supplement); Yuan, D., NIH, The Role of Activated NK Cells in a Mouse Model of Lupus Erythematosus, $235,757.

Federal Sub Awards

Boothman, D., NIH/Columbia Univ. Medical Center, Center for High Throughput Minimally Invasive Dosimetry, $52,229; Engle, W., NIH/Research Foundation of SUNY, Absorption and Metabolism of Oral Codeine in Mechanically Ventilated Neonates, $2,068; Emslie, G., NIH/Healthcare Technology Systems, Assessment of Adolescent Depression Using Text Messaging, $24,668; Falck, J., NIH/Vanderbilt Univ. Medical Center, Role of Icosanoids in Renal Function: Chemistry Core, $127,000; Glazer, C., NIH/Duke Clinical Research Inst., Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Clinical Research Network (IPFnet), $21,857.

Olson, E., NIH/Yale Univ., Pediatric Physician Scientist Program Award, $106,250 (Hatley, M., fellow); Porteus, M., NIH/Georgia Inst. of Technology, Nanomedicine Center for Nucleoprotein Machines, $115,924; Scheuermann, R., NIH/Univ. of Rochester, Autoimmunity Center of Excellence (ACE), $47,816; Starr, A., U.S. Army/The Johns Hopkins University, The Major Extremity Trauma Research Consortium, $79,379; Takahashi, J., NIH/Northwestern Univ., Chemical and Genetic Manipulation of Circadian Systems, $59,937.

Wang, J., NIH/Univ. of California Davis, AMBER Force Field Consortium, $44,586; Wolfe, G., NIH/Univ. of Alabama, Thymectomy in Non-Thymomatous MG Patients on Prednisone, $22,500.

Nonfederal Grants

Cleaver, O., JDRF/The Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem, Vascular Signals in Pancreas Development and Beta-Cell Differentiation, $102,386; Kenkel, J., Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Fndtn., Effects of Facial Topical Lidocaine Application on Serum Levels of Lidocaine and MEG-X, $25,000; Li, S., Morton Cure Paralysis Fund, Promote Spinal Cord Recovery by Blocking Glial Scar CSPGs With Novel Peptides, $75,000; Lemack, G., Soc. for Urodynamics & Female Urology, Comparison of Intermittent and Continuous Sacral Nerve Stimulation After Placement of Sacral Neuromodulator for Urgency Incontinence, $16,000 (Murray, S., fellow).

Parada, L., Simons Foundation, Mouse Models of Human ASDs: Gene Targeting in Specific Brain Regions, $333,334; Petroll, W., Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, A Novel Anterior Corneal Construct for Ocular Toxicity Testing in Vitro, $13,913; Shaul, P., Phase Five Communication, Estrogen and Estrogen Receptor Modulation of BPD, $10,000 (Frost, N., fellow).

Industry-Sponsored Awards, dollar amounts not available

Collins, R., Phase I Study of an Autologous Recombinant Idiotypic Vaccine Manufactured by magnICON Technology for the Treatment of Patients With Follicular Lymphoma in First Relapse/Progression; Collins, R., A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of the JAK Inhibitor INCB018424 Tablets Administered Orally to Subjects With Primary Myelofibrosis, Post-Polycythemia Vera-Myelofibrosis or Post-Essential Thrombocythemia-Myelofibrosis; Collins, R., An Open-Label, Single-Arm, Phase 2 Study of Inotuzumab Ozogamicin Plus Rituximab in Subjects With Relapsed/ Refractory CD22-Positive Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, Eligible for Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation.

Gerber, D., A Phase I/II Study of Erlotinib and Romidepsin in Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer; Huth, J., An Open, Single-Arm Trial to Assess the Clinical Activity of recMAGE-A3 Plus AS15 in Patients With Unresectable MAGE-A3-Positive Metastatic Cutaneous Melanoma; Kenkel, J., In Vivo Analysis of the Performance of a Fractional CO2 Laser System (eMatrixCO2) Intended for Treatment of Soft Tissue.

Marple, B., A Clinical Evaluation of a Steroid-Coated Sinus Stent When Used Following Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Patients With Chronic Sinusitis – the ADVANCED II Study; Ramos-Roman, M., A Trial Comparing Efficacy and Safety of NN5401 With Insulin Glargine, Both in Combination With Oral Antidiabetic Drugs in Subject With Type 2 Diabetes; Torres, F., ARTEMIS-PH: A Phase 3, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter, Parallel-Group Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Ambrisentan in Subjects With Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Pulmonary Hypertension; Torres, F., A 24-Week Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Multicenter Clinical Trial Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Oral QTI571 as an Add-On Therapy in the Treatment of Severe Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Imatinib in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, a Randomized, Efficacy Study (IMPRES).