January 2010 Grants

Federal Grants

Albanesi, J., NIH, Guanylyl Cyclase Receptors: Targets for Medical Intervention, $33,000 (supplement); Ariizumi, K., NIH, DC-HIL in Cutaneous Immunity, $145,833; Bezprozvanny, I., NIH, Deranged Calcium Signaling and Polyglutamine Expansion Disorders, $196,875; Burgess, S., NIH/Vanderbilt Univ., Exercise and Fuel Metabolism, $21,250; Cannon, S., NIH, Physiology of Myotonia and Periodic Paralysis, $325,921 (supplement).

Cannon, C., NIH/Washington Univ., Integrated Nanosystems for Diagnosis and Therapy, $14,427; Cannon, S., NIH/Univ. of Rochester, Nervous System Channelpathies Pathogenesis and Treatment, $38,440; Chen, D., NIH, Roles of DNA PK in DNA Double-Strand Break Repair, $241,739; Chuang, D., NIH, Structure and Function of Mitochondrial Protein Kinases, $100,000 (supplement); Clegg, D., NIH/Univ. of Cincinnati, Insulin and CNS Control of Body Weight and Food Intake, $13,067.

Cobb, M., NIH, Insulin-Regulated MAP Kinase Pathways, $100,000 (supplement); Coppari, R., NIH, Physiological Relevance of SIRT1 in Brain on Energy and Glucose Homeostasis, $99,442 (supplement); Corey, D., NIH, Recognition of Chromosomal DNA by Double-Stranded RNA, $190,000; DeMartino, G., NIH, Function and Regulation of the Proteasome, $49,456 (supplement); Dietschy, J., NIH, UT Gastroenterology/Hepatology Research Training Program, $227,820.

Friedberg, E., NIH, Mouse Models of DNA Repair-Defective Human Diseases, $198,450; Friedberg, E., NIH, Mouse Models of DNA Repair-Defective Human Diseases, $22,050; Garcia, C., NIH, Pulmonary Fibrosis and Telomerase Dysfunction, $6,228 (supplement); Garg, A., NIH, Genetic and Metabolic Basis of Familial Lipodystrophies, $90,500 (supplement); Goodman, J., NIH/Columbia Univ., Summer Immunology Research Program for High School Science Teachers, $24,443.

Greene, R., NIH, Dopamine Modulation of NMDA Receptor Synaptic Responses, $182,250; Hall, C., NIH/Johns Hopkins Univ., CLEAR IVH III-Clot Lysis: Evaluating Accelerated Resolution of Intraventricular Hemorrhage Phase III Study, $5,000; Hansen, E., NIH, Surface Proteins of Moraxella Catarrhalis, $202,500; Hill, J., NIH, HDAC Inhibition in Cardiac Hypertrophy and Failure, $250,000; Hsia, C., NIH, Diabetic Microangiopathy and Alveolar O2 Transport, $13,445 (supplement).

Huang, H., NIH/UT Austin, Cerebellar Anatomic and Functional Connectivity in Autism Spectrum Disorders, $10,062; Iannaccone, S., MDA/Wayne State Univ., North American CMT Network, $10,000; Johnson, J., NIH, Regulation and Function of Ascl1 (Mash1) in Neural Development, $232,659; Journeycake, J., NIH/UTHSC Houston, Prevention of Complications of Bleeding Disorders Through Hemophilia Treatment Centers, $45,261; Journeycake, J., NIH/UTHSC Houston, Region VI Comprehensive Hemophilia Program, $34,931; Krämer, H., NIH, Genetics of Endocytic Trafficking in the Eye, $225,000.

Lehrman, M., NIH/Burham Inst. for Med. Research, Testing Substrate-Flux Therapies for Glycosylation Disorders Using Zebra Fish, $69,593; Leveno, K., NIH, NICHD Maternal Fetal Medicine Units Network, $163,968; Levine, B., NIH/UTMB Galveston, An Autophagy-Inducing Peptide as a Novel Therapeutic for Intracellular NIAID Class A, B and C Priority Pathogens, $585,400; Lin, R., NIH, CCCH Zinc-Finger Proteins and Transcriptional Repression in Germline Blastomeres, $200,000; Lister, G., NIH/Yale Univ., Pediatric Physician Scientist Program Award, $94,750.

Lu, C., NIH, TLR4 and Murine Ischemic Acute Rental Failure, $68,804 (supplement); Lum, L., NIH, Hedgehog Signal Transduction Across the Cell Membrane, $109,875 (supplement); MacDonald, R., NIH/Vanderbilt Univ. Med. Ctr., Mechanisms of Pancreas Development, $234,337; McClung, C., NIH, Role of the Circadian Clock in the Development and Treatment of Mood Disorders, $225,000; McKnight, S., NIH/Northwestern Univ., Chemical and Genetic Manipulation of Circadian Systems, $170,895.

Mendelson, C., NIH, Mechanisms in the Regulation of SP-A Gene Expression, $276,624; Millner, L., DHHS/UTMB Galveston, Model State-Supported Area Health Education Centers Program, $85,169; Minei, J., NIH/Mass. General Hospital, Inflammation and the Host Response to Injury-Glue Grant, $71,180; Minna, J., DOD/UT M.D. Anderson, Project 1B, $63,337; Minna, J., DOD/UT M.D. Anderson, Project 3A, $29,706.

Mohan, C., NIH, NIAMS: CORT – Genetic Dissection of SLE-From Mouse to Man, $1,098,014; Olson, E., NIH, Control of Cardiac Gene Expression Through Regulated Transcriptional Coactivators, $384,732; Paulk, M., NIH/Dana-Farber Cancer Inst., Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Support Grant, $66,697; Phelan, H., DOD/UTHSC Houston, Prospective Observational Multicenter Massive Transfusion Study, $228,694; Powell, C., NIH, Neuroligin Function in Vivo: Implications for Autism and Mental Retardation, $225,000.

Rogers, Z., NIH/Thomas Jefferson Univ., CDATA, DNA, CHAMPS and Dexamethasone (Central Labs) Studies, $14,648; Rosen, M., NIH, Structural Study of GTPase Regulators and Effectors, $172,308; Rutherford, C., NIH/UTHSC Houston, Prevention of the Complications of Bleeding Disorders Through Hemophilia Treatment, $54,547; Shay, J., NASA/Georgetown Univ., NRA/NASA Specialized Centers of Research: Cacrinogenesis and Central Nervous System Risk From Space Radiation, $24,210; Sperandio, V., NIH, Quorum-Sensing Regulation of EHEC Virulence Genes, $279,002.

Shaul, P., NIH, Oxysterols, Estrogen, Receptors Antagonism and Vascular Disease, $242,750; Skinner, C., NIH, Facilitating Risk-Appropriate Colorectal Cancer Testing, $56,480 (supplement); Sternweis, P., NIH, Signal Transduction Via Receptors and G Proteins, $286,486; Thomas, P., NIH, Development of Membrane Protein Structure, $98,925 (supplement); Varley, A., NIH, Interactions of Endotoxin with Plasma and Cells, $270,996.

Vernino, S., NIH/Mayo Clinic Rochester, Autonomic Disorders Programs Project, $79,770; Winick, N., NIH/CureSearch- Natl. Childhood Cancer Fndtn., Phase I – Pilot Consortium Grant, $21,472; Winick, N., NIH/CureSearch - Natl. Childhood Cancer Fndtn., Children’s Oncology Group Chair’s Grant Supplement – Methotrexate, $34,161; Winick, N., NIH/CureSearch - Natl. Childhood Cancer Fndtn., Children’s Oncology Group Phase 1 – Pilot Consortium (Protocol ADVL0813), $20,136; Winick, N., NIH/CureSearch - Natl. Childhood Cancer Fndtn., Children’s Oncology Group Phase 1 – Pilot Consortium (Protocol ADVL0911), $17,829.

Winick, N., NIH/CureSearch- Natl. Childhood Cancer Fndtn., Children’s Oncology Chair’s Grant Supplement – Methotrexate, $236,893; Wu, T., NIH/Johns Hopkins Univ., Hopkins Lupus Cohort, $8,178; Zhao, D., NIH, Dynamic Multimodal Imaging of Tumor Hypoxia and Vascular Profiles in Glioblastoma, $103,750; Zhao, D., NIH, Dynamic Multimodal Imaging of Tumor Hypoxia and Vascular Profiles in Glioblastoma, $1,037; Zinn, A., NIH, Sim1 Function in Feeding Regulation, $80,751 (supplement).

Nonfederal Grants

Altschuler, S., Welch Fndtn., Targeting Subpopulation Phenotypes Associated With Drug Resistance, $50,000; Bezprozvanny, I., Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Fndtn. and Inst. for the Study of Aging, Ryanodine Receptor Type 2 as a Target for AD, $100,000; Chook, Y., amfAR The Fndtn. for Aids Research, Structural Mechanisms for Nuclear Export of HIV-1 REV by CRM1, $56,818 (Dong, X., fellow); Flores, G., Amer. Acad. of Pediatrics, Transitioning Mental Health Care for Foster Care, $2,975 (Sakai, C., fellow).

Galindo, R., CureSearch – Natl. Childhood Cancer Fndtn., A New Mouse Model of Rhabdomysarcoma, $30,000; Gao, F., Amer. Heart Assn., Investigation of Effects of Motorized Facilitated Ankle Stretching, $66,255; Haller, R., Muscular Dystrophy Association, Impaired Oxidative Capacity In McArdle Disease: Causes and Treatment, $116,091; Kho, K., American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, Pre-Operative Ultrasound: A Risk-Reducing Method for the Prevention of Laparoscopic Complications, $7,500.

Lehrman, M., Welch Fndtn., Targeting Subpopulation Phenotypes Associated With Drug Resistance, $50,000; Ready, J., Amgen, Chemical Research Fellowship Support (Professor-Ready Laboratory Support), $25,000; Rhodes, R., Mount Sinai School of Med., Evaluating Racial Disparities in Perceptions of Hospice Quality, $70,000; Taylor, R., Amer. Soc. for Dermatologic Surg., Rater-Blinded, Randomized, Controlled Trial of Epidermal Closures of the Face, $5,000 (Chan, J., fellow).

Ure, K., Epilepsy Fndtn., NeuroD Regulation of Seizure-Induced Neurogenesis, $20,000; Ward, E., Natl. MS Soc., Targeting Autoreactive Antibodies for the Therapy of Murine EAE, $150,175; Wu, J., Whitehall Fndtn., Chromatin Regulation of Neuronal Gene Expression and Function, $67,125; Zeltser, I., Championship Hearts Fndtn., Early Cardiovascular Screening Pilot (CVSP), $31,500.

Zhang, C., Whitehall Fndtn., Cellular Plasticity of the Adult Brain, $69,840; Zigman, J., Endocrine Fellows Fndtn., Fellows Development Research Grant in Diabetes, Obesity and Fat Cell Biology, $20,000 (Piper,P., fellow).

Pharmaceutical studies,
dollar amounts not available

Arnold, S., An Open-Label Extension Phase of the Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Dose-Escalation, Parallel-Group Studies to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Study Drug Given as Adjunctive Therapy in Subjects with Refractory Partial Seizures; Beshay, V., A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo- and Active-Controlled Efficacy and Safety Study of the Effects of Study Drug Combinations on Endometrial Hyperplasia and Prevention of Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal Women; Chen, K., A Multicenter, Retrospective Study of Patients with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Receiving Inhaled Study Drug for ≥ 1 Year; Gupta, S., A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Double-Dummy, Phase 3 Study of the Safety and Efficacy of Ritonavir-Boosted Study Drug Versus Raltegravir (RAL) Each Administered with a Background Regimen in HIV-1 Infected, Antiretroviral Treatment-Experienced Adults.

Haley, B., A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial of Study Drug After Trastuzumab in Women With Early-Stage HER-2/neu Overexpressed/Amplified Breast Cancer; Prestidge, C., Open-Label Extension of Study 08-110 - A Multicenter Study of Study Drug Inhalation Solution in Patients With Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease; Ramos-Roman, M., A 26-Week, Multinational, Multicenter, Open-Labelled, Two-Arm, Parallel, Randomized, Treat-to-Target Trial Comparing Efficacy and Safety of Study Drug Once Daily Plus Meal-Time Insulin Aspart for the Remaining Meals vs. Basal-Bolus Treatment with Insulin Detemir Plus Meal-Time Insulin Aspart in Subjects With Type 1 Diabetes.

Rockey, D., Prospective Study Using a Combination of Study Drug Injection Therapy and Either an Endoscopic Hemoclip (Resolution Clip) or a Heater Probe for Peptic Ulcer Disease; Rockey, D., Diagnostic and Therapeutic Upper Endoscopy in Anticoagulated Patients With Acute Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage; Rockey, D., A Phase 2, Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Dose-Ranging Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of Study Drug for Eight Weeks in the Treatment of Mild Hepatic Encephalopathy.

Torres, F., Safety and Efficacy Trial Using Study Drug for Pulmonary Hypertension Associated With Congestive Heart FailureWith Preserved Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction; Torres, F., A Retrospective Chart Review to Assess the Effect of Oral Study Drug on Hemodynamics and Cardiac Function in Subjects in the FREEDOM C and FREEDOM M Trials; Van Ness, P., Study Device System Long-Term Treatment Clinical Investigation; Vusirikala, M., A Phase 3, Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel-Group Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Study Drug as Maintenance Therapy for Patients With B-Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Following Second-Line Therapy; Vusirikala, M., A Phase II Study of Oral Single Agent Study Drug in Patients With Refractory de novo or Secondary Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.