Dr. Tiffany Jan: Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) Award

By Connie Piloto

After spending most of her life in Texas, Dr. Tiffany Jan is ready to leave the Lone Star State and move to the Windy City to begin her first year of residency at the University of Chicago.

“I’m interested in exploring the opportunity of living somewhere else just for a few years,” said Dr. Jan. “Long-term, I’d like to come back to Texas.”

Dr. Jan, 26, grew up in Richardson and graduated from J.J. Pearce High School. She said she had always wanted to be a doctor, but it wasn’t until college that she “developed a passion for medicine.”

Dr. Tiffany Jan

Dr. Jan majored in biology and graduated from UT Austin. As a college student, she spent a summer working as an intern with Dr. Bryon Adinoff, professor of psychiatry and chief of the division on addictions.

At UT Southwestern, she served as vice president of the Class of 2010 for two years, helping plan events for her fellow classmates and raising funds for charities. Most recently, she helped organize a fundraiser to support the American Red Cross and its efforts in Haiti.

Dr. Jan said she enjoyed all of her rotations and decided to specialize in emergency medicine because of the broad spectrum of cases that present themselves in that field.

“One of the initial things that attracted me to emergency medicine was the great diversity of cases — you can see everything from an obstetrics and gynecological complaint to a neurological emergency — and I really enjoyed that aspect,” she said.

Dr. Jan also is interested in acute care. In medical school, she worked with physicians in the division of burn/trauma/critical care on a study about the use of leukoreduced red blood cell products in trauma patients.

“A unique aspect of emergency medicine is that within a few minutes you have to make decisions that have an immediate effect on someone’s life,” Dr. Jan said.

The emergency medicine faculty elected Dr. Jan to receive the 2010 Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM) Award for demonstrating an intense commitment to emergency medicine.

“Tiffany represents the best of what we, as faculty in emergency medicine, want for our students. That is, we want to prepare people to excel in their residency on a national basis,” said Dr. Jeffrey Van Dermark, assistant professor of emergency medicine and clerkship director. “She was outstanding in her approach to the undifferentiated patient and demonstrated great interest and leadership in a career in academic emergency medicine. This was evident by her success in an elective at one of the oldest and most prestigious emergency medicine programs in the country, Denver Health. We hope that this award continues to propel her along a pathway leading to becoming an academic faculty member herself.”

The award includes a one-year subscription to the SAEM monthly journal, Academic Emergency Medicine, a one-year subscription to the SAEM Newsletter and a one-year membership to SAEM.

“The success I’ve had at UT Southwestern has had a lot to do with the great faculty that has been around me for four years,” Dr. Jan said. “They have been a really important factor in how well I’ve done.”

In Chicago, Dr. Jan will practice in four facilities that offer a range of clinical experiences while providing care for diverse patient populations — from newborns to the aged.

Dr. Jan will rotate among the University of Chicago Medical Center, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, and two level I trauma centers — NorthShore University HealthSystem and Mount Sinai Hospital, a trauma center for both adult and pediatric patients.