Dr. Alicia Jones: Annelle M. Ahmed, M.D., Women's Health Care Award

By Aline McKenzie

Some children know from the start that they want to be a doctor. Some college students pursue a straight-ahead pre-med degree.

Some people begin medical school knowing what their specialty will be, and some have an “aha!” moment when they decide on the spot.

Dr. Alicia Jones

Dr. Alicia Jones is not any of those people.

On her way to specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, she took an interest in biology, then physics, then biomedical engineering before turning back to biology and medicine.

“If anything, I think this route proved to me and other people that I’d given my career serious thought and made sure of my interests,” she said.

Dr. Jones also is serious about caring for patients, her mentors said.

They say her gift has led to her being awarded the 2010 Annelle M. Ahmed, M.D., Women’s Health Care Award. The accolade is given in honor of Dr. Ahmed, a UT Southwestern resident and faculty member who died of breast cancer at age 39.

“Dr. Annelle Ahmed is remembered so fondly by the members of the ob/gyn department because of her giving spirit, strong work ethic and natural abilities,” said Dr. Vanessa Rogers, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology. “Alicia shares many of these fine qualities and was an easy choice for this honor. We are thrilled that she will be staying here to train.”

There was no particular moment in her medical training that inspired Dr. Jones to practice obstetrics and gynecology.

“When I saw students who were absolutely convinced what they wanted to do, I was jealous, but also a little suspicious,” she said.

Instead, she gradually realized that the field contained a mix of primary medical care and surgery that appealed to her.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” she said. “For a lot of women, their ob/gyn may be the only doctor they’ll see.”

“To be noted for your compassion for patients is very special,” Dr. Jones said. “Being able to connect with patients is an acquired skill, and I’m honored they recognized me for it.”

Dr. Jones is the only child of her mother, a community college dean, and her late father, a legal administrator. A Richardson native, she graduated from The Hockaday School in Dallas.

“I liked biology in middle school, but then I took a surprising side turn thanks to a really enthusiastic physics teacher, so I decided to major in biomedical engineering,” she said.