48th Medical Student Research Forum attracts 143 entries

Dr. Moses Williams (second from left), guest speaker for the 48th Medical Student Research Forum, personally congratulated those who were selected as oral presenter for the event. Joining Dr. Williams are (from left, front row) David Liang, Roselynn Nguyen, Juhee Choi, Radhika Kainthla and co-chair Doan Dao. In the second row (from left) are co-chair Megan Wachsmann, Leila Zuo, Alison Unzeitig and Courtney L. Wendel. In the back row (from left) are Bennett Waxse and Alberto Diaz de Leon.

By Rachel Skei Donihoo

April 2010

Twenty-one UT Southwestern students were recognized for their work at the 48th Annual Medical Student Research Forum, held in January.

Each year, students are invited to submit abstracts of their research for review. This year, nine were selected to make oral presentations from among 86 who made submissions.

The students selected to give oral presentations, and those whose posters were chosen, were honored with certificates and cash awards.

The oral presenters, their topics and mentors were:

Alison Unzeitig, “Factors Influencing Re-Excision Rates in Breast Conserving Surgery for Cancer.” Mentors: Drs. David Euhus, A. Marilyn Leitch, James Huth, Valerie Andrews, Amy Moldrem and Roshni Rao

Bennett Waxse, “Autophagic Activation and Loss of Mitochondrial Content During Mechanical Unloading-Induced Cardiac Atrophy.” Mentors: Drs. Andrew Blagg and Joseph Hill

Roselynn Nguyen, “Hypoglycemia (H) in the Late-Preterm Neonate (LPN).” Mentors: Drs. Susan Raff, William Engle and Greg Jackson, and Denise Manning

Courtney L. Wendel, “Burden of Medical Radiation Exposure in Children With Sickle Cell Disease.” Mentors: Drs. Jon Anderson, Timothy Blackburn and Charles Quinn

Radhika Kainthla, “Effects of Reduced Transcription Rate on hTERT Alternative Splicing.” Mentor: Dr. Woodring Wright

David Liang, “Reliable Quantification of Daily Cardiac Work for Long Duration Spaceflight.” Mentors: Drs. Shigeki Shibata and Benjamin Levine

Leila Zuo, “Combining SMAC Mimetic Targeted Therapy With Gefitinib or Doxorubicin Demonstrates Dramatic Differences in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Drug Response Phenotypes.” Mentors: Dr. John Minna and Rachel Greer

Juhee Choi, “Stroke Volume During Exercise Is Associated With Insulin Sensitivity Among Women With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.” Mentors: Drs. Peter Snell, Benjamin Levine and Alice Chang, and M. Dean Palmer of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

Alberto Diaz de Leon III, Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellow, “Clinical Spectrum of Disease Associated With Telomerase (TERT) Mutations.” Mentor: Dr. Christine Garcia

At the conclusion of the oral presentation session, Dr. Moses Williams, founder and executive director of Distance Learning Center, delivered a presentation titled, “New Biomedical Training Paradigm for the 21st Century.”

Posters were then presented by 57 students during a reception and poster session.

Poster session awards went to:

Tori Sutherland, Community-Based Distribution of Misoprostol for Treatment or Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage: Cost-Effectiveness, Mortality and Morbidity Reduction Analysis. Mentor: Dr. David Bishai, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Matthew Warner, Post-Traumatic Cerebral Atrophy: Relationship With Diffusion Tensor Imaging Measures of Traumatic Axonal Injury. Mentor: Dr. Ramón Diaz-Arrastía

David Wu, An Nguyen, Shuvro De, Resting State Functional Connectivity Is Disrupted After Traumatic Axonal Injury (TAI). Mentor: Ramón Diaz-Arrastía

Tom Ju, Developing a Sustained Organotypic In Vitro Model of the Intestinal Stem Cell Niche (Epithelium). Mentors: Drs. Andres Roig and Jerry Shay

Brice Andring, Natalia Solomon, Using Voxel-Based Morphometry to Understand the Structural Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. Mentor: Dr. Michael Devous

David Zhang, Role of Adiponectin in Autophagy and Pathological Cardiac Hypertrophy. Mentors: Drs. Zhao Wang and Joseph Hill

Kathryn Bowman, Boosting of HIV-Specific Responses Using Therapeutic Vaccination in HIV-Infected Individuals on HAART. Mentors: Drs. Joseph Casazza and Richard Koup, National Institutes of Health

Ankit Garg, Analysis of Post-Transcriptional Regulation of FOX01 Expression by MicroRNA. Mentors: Drs. Anwarul Ferdous and Joseph Hill

Gretchen Troxler, Diabetes and the Progression of Adenomatous Colon Polyps Into Cancer. Mentor: Dr. Samir Gupta