The Future of Medicine comes online

UT Southwestern is excited to launch this redesigned and reorganized site for our academic community. Whether you’re already a member of this community or a potential student, faculty member, researcher, or staff member, this is your go-to site for: 

To learn more about patient care and our medical services, please visit our companion site, Here you can make an appointment, find a physician, or search our health library.

Features of this New Site

From the latest in search technology to social media connections, the new introduces some new features we hope you’ll find useful.

  • Instant Search Results: Once you’ve typed at least two letters in the search box, the site will begin suggesting possible results and refining those results as you continue to type.
  • Faculty Finder: Search for any of our 2,500+ faculty and you’ll find individual profiles that include photo, title, education, and research details, a brief bio, and the faculty member's publications.
  • Events Calendar: Interested in attending Grand Rounds or another campus event? Finally, all our campus events are in one place.
  • Videos: Are you more of a visual person? Learn more about UT Southwestern by visiting our video library in Life@.
  • Social Media: Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Life @: Want to know where on campus to “take a time out” or how to get to the Dallas Museum of Art? Or maybe you’re not familiar with UT Southwestern or Dallas at all. Life@ will give you a feel for who we are and a taste of all there is to do here.

Let us know what you think about our new site. Email us at