FWC Leadership

Current and Past Presidents
Current and past Presidents of the FWC.


Gloria Rege (2016–2018)
Ann Jones (2017-2019)

Vice President/President-Elect

Cass Kernstine (Co-President 2018-2020)

Recording Secretary

Maral Misserian and Kathy Peters

Corresponding Secretary

Laurie Clark


Kathryn Rosemeier


Heike Cullum (former President 2015-2017)

Standing Committees


Gloria Rege, Carole Choti, Jennifer Hendrix, Carol Tyler, Johanna Perrillo, Heike Cullum, Deborah Little, Veena Hammers, Jennifer Vernino, and Colleen Towler


Deborah Little

New Members

Hanne Sagalowsky


Gerry Minna and Diane Tasian


Sally Peltz, Beverly Wukich, Nobuko Yamazaki

Group Emails

Susan Cronin


Barbara Moses — Newsletter Editor
Beth Q. Diamond — Graphic Designer


Jean Pennant and Sher Masood — Website/Facebook

History, Restoration, and Scrapbooks

Susan Cronin

UTSW Ambassador

Carol Mitchell and Joanne Dimeff

Interest groups

AM and PM Book Groups

Jean Kennerly

Cultural Diversity Group

Souad Messahel

Freewheelers Group

Stephanie Haley and Linda Willson

Toddler Time

Garden Exchange

Mary Greene and Kathy Herring

Cooking Classes

Colleen Towler

Flick Chicks

Emily Clark

Needle Arts

Susan Cronin

Women Faculty Networking

Julia Fielding

Service Projects

Health Professions Graduation

Veronica Bordes-Edgar

Loan Closet

Nyla Krippner and Mary Leyendecker

Hospital Wish List

Mary Greene, Susan Froehlich, and Karen Westergaard