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Architectural Visions

Wednesday, October 11

Won't you join us on our trek to Fort Worth?

Louis Kahn was the mystical, “philosopher architect” of his time; The Kimbell Art Museum, grand but contained, is possibly the most significant of his masterworks. Join us for a docent-led architectural tour: We'll climb the staircase, designed to beckon our ascent, marvel at the perfect proportions, glory in the sense of light, and perhaps even experience what Kahn meant when he said, “There's something that pulls on you, as though you were reaching out to something primordial, something that existed much before yourself.”

Phillip Johnson was much more prolific, and Dallas and Fort Worth are both enriched by his many contributions to our cities. Following our visit to the Kimbell, we'll head outdoors, and immerse ourselves in his Fort Worth Water Gardens. The geometric series of walkways, pools, terraces, mountain and central plaza in this 4½ acre park creates a wide range of varied experiences. Each of three main pools celebrates different characteristics of water. Nearby plaques describe Johnson's philosophy for each.

Time and venues for October 11: 

10 a.m.: Docent-led tour of the architecture of the Kimbell Art Museum.
10:50 a.m.: Wander back through galleries, gift shop.
11:20 a.m.: Dutch treat lunch at the Kimbell Buffet Restaurant.
Noon: Visit to Phillip Johnson's Fort Worth Water Gardens (Note: not ADA accessible.)


Deadline is October 5.
Please email Linda Willson or Stephanie Haley,


No cost, but RSVP needed for docent and cafe.

Rain plans:

Stay at Kimbell to see the Casanova exhibit (requires admission, membership/guest of member) or go to Phillip Johnson-designed Amon Carter Museum, nearby. (Water Gardens and Amon Carter Museum were both commissioned by Ruth Carter Stevenson.)

More information:

Carpooling, parking, driving directions, and other details will be emailed to all who RSVP.