Ready to Go Down and Up?

Freewheelers and friends, we have done a trial run of our Wednesday, March 18, adventure and we think you'll find it fun, educational, and full of impressive buildings and views!

Those who choose can meet and carpool downtown to the 1892 Old Red Courthouse. We will view the four 8-minute films that contain grand old photos and an historical perspective on Dallas from prehistory to the present. We'll then explore the other photographs and artifacts in the museum before we walk two blocks down to the 1916 Union Station.

At Union Station, we can see the first floor that is still active with DART and the Trinity Railway Express and the elegant second floor that can be rented out with catering by Wolfgang Puck.

From there we'll go through the covered corridor to the Reunion Tower and up to the GeO-Deck. This indoor/outdoor observation deck lets you explore the city unlike anywhere else. The interactive touch screens will enable us to discover gems, historic landmarks, museums, parks, and more as we look out over Dallas. We'll top off the outing with lunch at the Cloud Nine Café just off the GeO-Deck.

Instead of doing a Dutch treat lunch, we'll have a prepaid buffet in order to get the group rate on the GeO-Deck. The price of $44 will cover all of the costs of Old Red, the GeO-Deck, and lunch! 

Let us know as soon as you can if you will join us, and we'll send you the details. Please email Stephanie Haley or Linda Willson,

Join the Freewheelers

Can you stand the heat? Won’t you join us? If you are new to UTSW or FWC, what better place than a furnace to meet and be met?! Don’t miss the fun! Information for all outings is sent by email to members who have signed up on the Membership Form. Let us know if you are interested and we’ll add your name to our email list. Those interested in “Feeling the Fire,” let us know! 

Contact Stephanie Haley or Linda Willson at

Clements University Hospital Spring Art Tour

When spontaneous outings beckon, Freewheelers gather for a “bonus event.” We hope you can join us for this one: a morning tour of art work installed in the public spaces on three floors of UT Southwestern’s new William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital. Afterwards, we’ll get together for lunch.

Courtney Crothers, art curator, is making arrangements for our tour. As soon as all the details are set, we will email members who are on our Freewheelers roster.

If you have a question, or would like to add your name to this roster contact Stephanie Haley or Linda Willson with any questions,