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Sherri Osborne-Lawrence, MS

Senior Research Scientist and Lab Manager

Sherri was born in Texas and has lived here all of her life. She received her BA degree in Biology from Austin College in Sherman, TX, and an MS degree in Molecular & Cell Biology from UT Dallas. She has worked in five laboratories at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Sherri's initial research projects involved positional cloning of genes involved in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Early Onset Familial Breast Cancer. After a few years assisting with the final stages of sequencing for the Human Genome Project, she focused on discovering how endothelial cell dysfunction leads to cardiovascular disease, with particular interests in estrogen modulation as well as the effects of C-reactive protein. Sherri joined the Zigman lab in 2006 as Senior Research Scientist and Lab Manager, and has now expanded her interests to include ghrelin and its effects on metabolic pathways.  Among many other contributions, Sherri has designed and generated several new mouse lines currently in use in the lab and by our collaborators.

Bharath Mani, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Bharath was born and raised in Namakkal, a small town in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Bharath’s initial training was at Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Chennai, India, where he earned a BVSc in Veterinary Sciences and an MS in Pharmacology. Afterwards, Bharath worked as a research scientist in India, where he was involved in conducting pre-clinical efficacy and toxicity studies of new chemical entities to treat cardiovascular diseases. In July of 2006, Bharath moved to Chicago and enrolled in the pharmacology graduate program at Loyola University Chicago. Bharath worked in the laboratory of Dr. Kenneth Byron to understand the regulation of vascular tone by ion channels in smooth muscle cells to receive his PhD in 2012. To complement his training in cardiovascular pharmacology, Bharath wanted a broad-based training in metabolic syndrome, an important contributor to cardiovascular risk. So, he joined the Zigman lab in May 2012 and has been working to understand mechanisms regulating ghrelin secretion and action. Bharath spends a lot of time with his family and is interested in exploring different cultures and food. Bharath is a profound follower of cricket, the most revered sport in India.

Haiyan Qiu, PhD

Senior Research Associate

Haiyan comes to the Zigman lab from Dr. Eric Huang’s lab at UCSF where she performed her postdoctoral work.  Her planned start date is October 1, 2014.  More details to follow.

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Former Lab Members

Postdoctoral Fellows

Mario Perello, PhD - Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2/2008 - 3/2010 - Mario is currently an Associate Investigator at the Laboratory of Neurophysiology, Multidisciplinary Institute of Cell Biology (IMBICE) in La Plata, Argentina

Ichiro Sakata, PhD - Postdoctoral Research Fellow 3/2007 - 3/2011 -Ichiro is currently an Associate Professor at Saitama University in Saitama, Japan

Jen-Chieh (Jay) Chuang, PhD - Postdoctoral Research Fellow 8/2008 - 5/2011 - After a few years as a Jay scientist at Reata Pharmaceutical Company in Irving, TX, Jay has returned to UTSW and is pursuing a second postdoctoral fellowship

Paul K. Piper Jr, MD - Postdoctoral Research Fellow/Clinical Fellow in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2009-2011 - Paul is currently in private practice as an Endocrinologist in The Woodlands, TX.

Daniela Pereira Derderian, PhD, PharMD – Postdoctoral Research Fellow 5/2010 - 7/2012 –Daniela is currently an Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences at the School of Math and Science at Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, TX.

Won-Mee Park, PhD – Postdoctoral Research Fellow - 2011–2012 – Won-Mee is currently enjoying her role as a new mom.

Qian Wang, PhD – Postdoctoral Research Fellow – 1/2012–12/2013 – Qian has decided to pursue other endeavors, and we hope to have an update soon.

Aki Uchida, PhD – Postdoctoral Research Fellow – 1/2012–3/2014 – Aki is currently pursuing a second postdoctoral fellowship at UTSW.

Graduate Students

Angela Walker- PhD student in the Neuroscience Graduate Program, 1/11–4/14 – Angela successfully defended her thesis entitled “From the ghrelin cell to ghrelin action: assessing ghrelin’s influence on mood, cue-potentiated feeding, and ghrelin cell physiology.”  She has decided to switch careers and is planning on attending school to become a physician’s assistant.

Research Assistants

Siegfried Meier - Research Assistant II, 3/09 - 3/10

Sherry Rovinsky - Research Assistant, 2007-2009. Graduate Student, 2010-2011.

Chelsea Migura – Research Assistant I, 3/2010 – 7/2012

Brittany Mason, PhD – Senior Research Associate, 6/2012 – 7/2013

Sydney Lawrence – Research Assistant, Summer 2013, Summer 2014

Summer Students

Jakub Woloszyn - UTSW Medical Student, Summer Research 2008

Neha Chaudhary - UTSW Medical Student, Summer Research 2009

Gregory Wallingford, Jr. - 2009 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship student

Anna Kuperman - 2010 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship student

Shloka Raghavan - 2011 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship student

Carolyn Chakuroff – 2012 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship student

Imikomobong (Micky) Ibia - 2012 MSTP Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship student

Christina Mosher – UTSW Medical Student, Summer Research 2013

Madhu Karamsetty – 2013 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship student

Nicole Huang – 2014 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship student

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