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Job Openings

We have multiple novel mouse, cell, and behavioral models and are seeking motivated, hard-working, and imaginative researchers to work with them and with us. Broad topics of interest include eating behavior, obesity, Prader-Willi Syndrome, blood glucose regulation, depression, and hormone secretion.

Projects available include investigating the mechanisms and neuroanatomical basis of ghrelin action, the role of ghrelin in the coordinated response to psychosocial stress, and the physiology of the ghrelin cell, among others.

Expertise in performing stereotaxic surgery and other neuroanatomic techniques, cell culture, islet isolation, and/or mouse behavioral testing would be particularly useful for any incoming scientists.

Potential postdoctoral fellows, endocrine fellows, graduate students, M.D./Ph.D. students, and medical students interested in performing research in the Zigman Lab should contact Dr. Zigman at jeffrey.zigman@utsouthwestern.edu.