siMacro accompanies the manuscript, "siMacro: A Fast and Easy Data Processing Tool for Cell-Based Genomewide siRNA Screens," (Singh N., .., Kim H.S. Genomics Inform. 2013).

Growing numbers of studies employ cell line-based systematic short interfering RNA (siRNA) screens to study gene functions and to identify drug targets. As multiple sources of variations that are unique to siRNA screens exist, there is a growing demand for a computational tool that generates normalized values and standardized scores. However, only a few tools have been available so far with limited usability.

Here, we present siMacro, a fast and easy-to-use Microsoft Office Excel-based tool with a graphic user interface (GUI), designed to process single-condition or two-condition synthetic screen datasets. Features include:

  • Normalizes position and batch effects
  • Censors outlier samples
  • Calculates Z-scores and robust Z-scores – with a spreadsheet output of more than 120,000 samples in less than one minute