FuSiOn (Functional Signature Ontology)

The FuSiOn search tool accompanies the manuscript, "Using functional signature ontology (FuSiOn) to identify mechanisms of action for natural products," (Potts M.B., Kim H.S., et al. Sci Signal. 2013).

FuSiOn (Functional Signature Ontology)

The goal of this tool is to facilitate mode-of-action hypothesis generation centered on a query gene or genes of interest. FuSiOn will return candidate genetic and chemical functionalogues based on distance metrics derived as described in Potts, et al.

The current iteration will support queries of 344 unique miRNAs and 780 unique genes. The former is inclusive of miR-Base version 8.0, and the latter is inclusive of siRNA targets in the Dharmacon "kinome" collection.

A complete list is available. Samples of chemical functionalogues for experimental evaluation of FuSiOn predictions are available upon request (See contact information).

The FuSiOn search tool was coded with PHP, built on a MySQL database, and served through Apache.