HiFAN (Center for High-Throughput Functional Annotation of Natural Products)

Determination of the mechanism of action to botanicals and natural products (mixtures and pure compounds) is often rate limiting for the safe and efficacious use as supplements and therapeutics. Learn More

FuSiOn (Functional Signature Ontology)

The goal of this tool is to facilitate mode-of-action hypothesis generation centered on a query gene or genes of interest. FuSiOn will return candidate genetic and chemical functionalogues based on distance metrics derived as described in Potts, et al. Learn More

CTD²: Cancer Target Discovery and Development

CTD2 bridges the gap between the enormous volumes of data generated by genomic characterization studies and the ability to use these data for the development of human cancer therapeutics. It specializes in computational and functional genomics approaches critical for translating next-generation sequencing data. Learn More


A challenge for authentic mechanistic interpretation of large-scale siRNA loss-of-function studies is the biological pleiotropy resulting from multiple modes of action of siRNA reagents. Learn More


Genome-wide RNAi screening experiments are customarily carried out on hundreds of 96-well or 384-well plates in order to study gene functions and discover novel drug targets. Learn More


Growing numbers of studies employ cell line-based systematic short interfering RNA (siRNA) screens to study gene functions and to identify drug targets. As multiple sources of variations that are unique to siRNA screens exist, there is a growing demand for a computational tool that generates normalized values and standardized scores. Learn More