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Reconstructing cone-beam CT with spatially varying qualities for adaptive radiotherapy: a proof-of-principle study.

Lu W, Yan H, Gu X, Tian Z, Luo O, Yang L, Zhou L, Cervino L, Wang J, Jiang S, Jia X Phys Med Biol 2014 Oct 59 20 6251-66

Statistical image reconstruction for low-dose CT using nonlocal means-based regularization.

Zhang H, Ma J, Wang J, Liu Y, Lu H, Liang Z Comput Med Imaging Graph 2014 Sep 38 6 423-35

Deriving adaptive MRF coefficients from previous normal-dose CT scan for low-dose image reconstruction via penalized weighted least-squares minimization.

Zhang H, Han H, Wang J, Ma J, Liu Y, Moore W, Liang Z Med Phys 2014 Apr 41 4 041916

Noise correlation in CBCT projection data and its application for noise reduction in low-dose CBCT.

Zhang H, Ouyang L, Ma J, Huang J, Chen W, Wang J Med Phys 2014 Mar 41 3 031906

Low-mAs X-ray CT image reconstruction by adaptive-weighted TV-constrained penalized re-weighted least-squares.

Liu Y, Ma J, Zhang H, Wang J, Liang Z J Xray Sci Technol 2014 22 4 437-57

A contour-guided deformable image registration algorithm for adaptive radiotherapy.

Gu X, Dong B, Wang J, Yordy J, Mell L, Jia X, Jiang SB Phys Med Biol 2013 Feb 58 6 1889-1901

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