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Sensitivity of tumor motion simulation accuracy to lung biomechanical modeling approaches and parameters.

Tehrani JN, Yang Y, Werner R, Lu W, Low D, Guo X, Wang J Phys Med Biol 2015 Nov 60 22 8833-49

Statistical image reconstruction for low-dose CT using nonlocal means-based regularization. Part II: An adaptive approach.

Zhang H, Ma J, Wang J, Liu Y, Han H, Lu H, Moore W, Liang Z Comput Med Imaging Graph 2015 Jul 43 26-35

A moving blocker-based strategy for simultaneous megavoltage and kilovoltage scatter correction in cone-beam computed tomography image acquired during volumetric modulated arc therapy.

Ouyang L, Lee HP, Wang J Radiother Oncol 2015 Jun 115 3 425-30

A method for volumetric imaging in radiotherapy using single x-ray projection.

Xu Y, Yan H, Ouyang L, Wang J, Zhou L, Cervino L, Jiang SB, Jia X Med Phys 2015 May 42 5 2498

A practical cone-beam CT scatter correction method with optimized Monte Carlo simulations for image-guided radiation therapy.

Xu Y, Bai T, Yan H, Ouyang L, Pompos A, Wang J, Zhou L, Jiang SB, Jia X Phys Med Biol 2015 May 60 9 3567-87

A pilot evaluation of a 4-dimensional cone-beam computed tomographic scheme based on simultaneous motion estimation and image reconstruction.

Dang J, Gu X, Pan T, Wang J Int. J. Radiat. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 2015 Feb 91 2 410-8

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