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Our methods

Select a suitable chemical compound class (Peptoids)

  • Peptoids are easy, rapid and economical to synthesize and optimize.
  • Highly diverse peptoid combinatorial libraries can be synthesized within days.
  • Minimum pharmacophores of active compounds can easily be found and both important and non-important residues are easily accessible for further modifications and optimizations.
  • In addition, peptoids are serum-stable, non-immunogenic and cell-permeable, providing highly biologically amenable characters.

Better approach to identify potential compounds – On-bead Two-Color (OBTC) cell screen

  • This assay directly identifies the most selective peptoid compounds, ignoring less specific compounds.
OBTC diagram

Complex biological problems we address

  • How to tackle cancer bio-marker heterogeneity in effective anti-cancer drug lead development.
  • How to tackle signaling cascade complexity and cross-talking in effective anti-cancer drug lead development.
  • Develop better ‘Theragnostic’ agents that can be used as ‘double swords’ in cancer battle (having both therapeutic and imaging capabilities built in a single molecule).
Cancer & peptoids diagram

Applying combinatorial principles in contrast agent developments

Imaging diagram