Peer-Reviewed Publications

Inhibition of HIV-1 Particle Assembly by 2',3'-Cyclic-Nucleotide 3'-Phosphodiesterase.
Wilson SJ, Schoggins JW, Zang T, Kutluay SB, Jouvenet N, Alim MA, Bitzegeio J, Rice CM and Bieniasz P.
Cell Host and Microbe, 12(4):585-97. 2012.

Dengue reporter viruses reveal viral dynamics in interferon receptor deficient mice and sensitivity to interferon effectors in vitro.
Schoggins JW, Dorner M, Fuelner M, Imanaka N, Murphy MY, Ploss A, Rice CM.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 109(36):14610-5. 2012.

Mycobacterial disease and impaired IFN-gamma immunity in humans with inherited ISG15 deficiency.
Bogunovic D, Byun M, Abhyankar A, Durfee LA, Sanal O, Mansouri D, Grant A, Adimi P, Mansouri N,Okada S, Bryant V, Kong XF, Kreins A, Boisson B, Zadeh S, Darazam I, Schoggins JW, Rice CM, Al-Muhsen S, Bustamante, J, Huibregtse, JM, Abel L, Boisson-Dupuis S, Casanova J-L.
Science. 337(6102):1684-8. 2012.

Multiple interferon stimulated genes synergize with the zinc finger antiviral protein to mediate anti-Alphavirus activity.
Karki S, Li M, Schoggins JW, Tian S, Rice CM, and MacDonald MR.
PlosONE. 7(5):e37398. 2012.

C7L family of poxvirus host-range genes inhibit antiviral activities induced by type I interferons and interferon regulatory factor1.
Meng X, Schoggins JW, Rose L, Cao J, Rice CM and Xiang Y.
J. Virol. 86(8):4538-47, 2012.

Expression of paramyxovirus V proteins promotes replication and spread of hepatitis C virus in cultures of primary human fetal liver cells.
Andrus M, Marukian S, Jones CT, Catanese MT, Sheahan TP, Schoggins JW, Barry WT, Dustin LB, Trehan K, Ploss A, Bhatia SN and Rice CM.
Hepatology. 54(6):1901-12, 2011.

An inbred, genetically humanized small animal model for hepatitis C virus infection.
Dorner M, Horwitz JA, Robbins J, Barry WT, Mu K, Jones CT, Schoggins JW, Catanese MT, Burton DR, Law M, Rice CM, Ploss A.
Nature. 474:208-11, 2011.

A diverse array of gene products are effectors of the type I interferon antiviral response.
Schoggins JW, Wilson SJ, Panis M, Murphy MY, Jones CT, Bieniasz P, Rice CM.
Nature. 472:481-5, 2011.

Splicing diversity of the human OCLN gene and its biological significance for hepatitis C virus entry.
Kohaar I, Ploss A, Korol E, Mu K, Schoggins JW, O’Brien TR, Rice CM, Prokunina-Olsson L.
J. Virol. 84(14):6987-94, 2010.

Real-time imaging of hepatitis C virus using a fluorescent cell-based reporter system.
Jones CT, Catanese MT, Law LMJ, Khetani S, Syder AJ, Ploss A, Oh TS, Schoggins JW, MacDonald MR, Bhatia SN, Rice CM.
Nature Biotech. 28(2):167-71, 2010.

Serotype 5 Adenovirus fiber (F7F41S) chimeric vectors incur packaging deficiencies when targeting peptides are inserted into Ad41 short fiber.
Schoggins JW and Falck-Pedersen E. 
Virology. 395(1):10-20, 2009.

Clathrin adaptor AP1B controls adenovirus infectivity of epithelial cells.
Diaz F, Gravotta D, Deora A, Schreiner R, Schoggins J, Falck-Pedersen E, Rodriguez-Boulan E.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 106(27):11143-8, 2009.

Sensing infection by adenovirus: Toll-like receptor-independent viral DNA recognition signals activation of the interferon regulatory factor 3 master regulator.
Nociari M, Ocheretina O, Schoggins JW, and Falck-Pedersen E.
J. Virol. 81(8):4145-57, 2007.

Fiber and penton base capsid modifications yield diminished adenovirus type 5 transduction and proinflammatory gene expression with retention of antigen-specific humoral immunity.
Schoggins JW and Falck-Pedersen E.
J. Virol. 80(21):10634-44, 2006.

Influence of fiber detargeting on adenovirus mediated innate and adaptive immune activation.
Schoggins JW, Nociari M, Philpott N, and Falck-Pedersen E.
J. Virol. 79(18): 11627-37, 2005.

Subgroup B and F fiber chimeras eliminate normal adenovirus type 5 vector transduction in vitro and in vivo.
Schoggins JW, Gall JG, and Falck-Pedersen E.
J Virol. 77(2):1039-48, 2003.

Coordinated regulation of secretory phospholipase A2 and cyclooxyganese-2 in activated human keratinocytes.
Rys-Sikora KE, Konger RL, Schoggins JW, Malaviya R, and Pentland AP.
Am. J. Phys.-Cell Phys. 278: C822-33, 2000.  

Reduction of UV-induced skin tumors in hairless mice by selective COX-2 inhibition.
Pentland AP, Schoggins JW, Scott GA, Khan KNM, and Han R.
Carcinogenesis. 20(10): 1939-44, 1999.  1939-44, 1999. 

Reviews, Chapters, Commentaries

Innate immune responses to hepatitis C virus.
Schoggins JW, Rice CM.
Curr Top Microbiol Immunol. 369:219-42. 2013.

Interferon-stimulated genes and their antiviral effector functions.
Schoggins JW and Rice CM.
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Adenovirus capsid chimeras: fiber terminal exon insertions/gene replacements in the major late transcription unit.
Gall J, Schoggins J, Falck-Pedersen E.
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