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Lab Members

Sun-Hee Hwang

Sun-Hee Hwang, Ph.D.

Research Scientist (June 2013)
Ph.D.: Pukyong National University, South Korea
Postdoctoral Training: Wakeland Laboratory, UT Southwestern
Research Interests: Signaling pathways in cilia, Shh signaling in cancer and obesity
Email: sun-hee.hwang@utsouthwestern.edu

Hemant Badgandi

Hemant Badgandi, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate (Oct, 2013-)
Ph.D.: University of Arizona, Tucson
Postdoctoral Training:  Kuhns Laboratory, University of Arizona
Research Interests: Ciliary trafficking of proteins
Email: hemant.badgandi@utsouthwestern.edu

Kasturi Pal

Kasturi Pal, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow (August 2013)
Ph.D.: University of California, Riverside
Research Interests: GPCR Signaling in primary cilia
Email: kasturi.pal@utsouthwestern.edu

Nipunika Somatilaka

Nipunika Somatilaka

Graduate student, Cancer Biology program (June 2014)
BSc: University of Colombo, Colombo
Research Interests: Role of the primary cilium in development and cancer
Email: bandarigodagamage.somatilaka@utsouthwestern.edu

Issei Shimada

Issei Shimada, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow (June 2015-)
Ph.D.: Spees Laboratory, University of Vermont, Burlington
Postdoctoral Training:  Morrison Laboratory, UT Southwestern
Research Interests: Role of primary cilia in neuronal development, function and disease
Email: issei.shimada@utsouthwestern.edu


Naomi Royal

Research Technician, Part-time  (June 2013)
Email: naomi.royal@utsouthwestern.edu

Group photo
L-R: Kasturi Pal, Nipunika Somatilaka, Hemant Badgandi, Sun-Hee Hwang, Saikat Mukhopadhyay