The Molecular Pathology Core is staffed with seven full-time technicians who are experienced with research-histology. All full-time lab members are highly capable, degreed professionals, and each is tasked with producing the highest quality histologic sections available from the specimens submitted. Each member is also specialized to serve as point histologist for one, or more, difficult developmental- or investigator-specific anatomies/stains.

In order of most seniority, the technicians are:

Jessica Williams
Research Assistant II
University of Houston
May 2011 - Present

Cameron Perry
Research Assistant II
University of Texas at Dallas
August 2011 - Present

Kevin White
Research Assistant I
Texas A&M University
May 2012 - Present

Brandon Powell
Research Assistant I
Baylor University
September 2012 - Present

Peter Firouzbakht
Research Technician II
University of Wisconsin
August 2014 - Present

Ryan Rodriguez
Research Technician II
Our Lady of the Lake University
January 2015 - Present

The lab is also staffed part-time by some gifted undergraduate fellows:

Moctezuma " Seth" Gonzalez
Intern Associate (FNEA)
University of Texas
June 2012 - Present

Anjani Penumatcha
Intern Associate (FNEA)
University of Texas at Dallas
June 2013 - Present