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The Molecular Pathology Core is located on 11th floor of the Simmons Biomedical Sciences Building on UT Southwestern Medical Center's North Campus. Comprised of five dedicated research suites, the lab occupies approximately 1,500-square-feet of lab and office space.

Sectioning Lab; Microtomy, Special Stains, IHC, Completed Work Pickup

Scope Room & JMS Office; Advanced Microscopy, Cryostat, Consultation

LMD Lab; Vibratomy, Secondary Embedding, Laser Microdissection

Hardened Materials Lab; Resin Infiltration, Saw, Grind, Polish, TC Microtomy

Tissue Handling Lab; Processing/Embedding, Microscopy, Chemicals, ISH

Office space and histopathology consultation arena for the lab's director, James Richardson, is located on the 6th floor of the Simmons Building in NB6.420.

Lab FedEx/UPS Shipping Address:

UT Southwestern
Molecular Pathology Core - NB11.104
6000 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75235-8573