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Ex vivo preparations of the intact vomeronasal organ and accessory olfactory bulb.

Doyle WI, Hammen GF, Meeks JP J Vis Exp 2014 90

Electrical Recordings from the Accessory Olfactory Bulb in VNO-AOB Ex Vivo Preparations.

Meeks JP, Holy TE Methods Mol. Biol. 2013 1068 237-46

An ex vivo preparation of the intact mouse vomeronasal organ and accessory olfactory bulb.

Meeks JP, Holy TE J. Neurosci. Methods 2009 Mar 177 2 440-7

Pavlov's moth: olfactory learning and spike timing-dependent plasticity.

Meeks JP, Holy TE Nat. Neurosci. 2008 Oct 11 10 1126-7

Action potential initiation and propagation in CA3 pyramidal axons.

Meeks JP, Mennerick S J. Neurophysiol. 2007 May 97 5 3460-72

Astrocyte membrane responses and potassium accumulation during neuronal activity.

Meeks JP, Mennerick S Hippocampus 2007 17 11 1100-8

Action potential fidelity during normal and epileptiform activity in paired soma-axon recordings from rat hippocampus.

Meeks JP, Jiang X, Mennerick S J. Physiol. (Lond.) 2005 Jul 566 Pt 2 425-41

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