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Kinetochore alignment within the metaphase plate is regulated by centromere stiffness and microtubule depolymerases.

Jaqaman K, King EM, Amaro AC, Winter JR, Dorn JF, Elliott HL, McHedlishvili N, McClelland SE, Porter IM, Posch M, Toso A, Danuser G, McAinsh AD, Meraldi P, Swedlow JR J. Cell Biol. 2010 Mar 188 5 665-79

Phenotypic clustering of yeast mutants based on kinetochore microtubule dynamics.

Jaqaman K, Dorn JF, Marco E, Sorger PK, Danuser G Bioinformatics 2007 Jul 23 13 1666-73

Comparative autoregressive moving average analysis of kinetochore microtubule dynamics in yeast.

Jaqaman K, Dorn JF, Jelson GS, Tytell JD, Sorger PK, Danuser G Biophys. J. 2006 Sep 91 6 2312-25

Classical density functional theory of orientational order at interfaces: application to water.

Jaqaman K, Tuncay K, Ortoleva PJ J Chem Phys 2004 Jan 120 2 926-38

New space warping method for the simulation of large-scale macromolecular conformational changes.

Jaqaman K, Ortoleva PJ J Comput Chem 2002 Mar 23 4 484-91

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