News & Openings

News and Openings


We have openings for highly motivated graduate students and postdocs, with interest and/or background in receptor signaling, single molecule imaging and/or computational image analysis.

Interested postdocs should send an email with their CV and research statement, succinctly describing their research interests and past accomplishments, to

Interested students should apply to the UT Southwestern graduate school, but can also send an email with their CV and research statement to for any inquiries.


September 2017: Khuloud and Andrew Jamieson (Bioinformatics) devised and taught a Nanocourse on Computational Image Analysis.

June-August 2017: Jesus Vega (from Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, Puerto Rico) joined the lab as a summer undergraduate research fellow. Good luck Jesus in finishing your undergraduate studies and applying to graduate school!

May 2017: Mark decided to immerse himself in the experimental aspects of his research on nuclear lamins, and thus joined the Goldman lab at Northwestern. He still works closely with us on the analytical aspects of his research. 

November 2016: Tony's work got published, in the Nov 15 issue of Journal of Cell Science. Congratulations Tony!

          Using quantitative high- and super-resolution imaging, in collaboration with the Touret lab at U. of Alberta Edmonton, we found that the receptor CD36 exists in nanoclusters on the cell surface enriched with the downstream effector Fyn, thus facilitating intracellular signaling upon ligand binding.

          The colocalization software that Tony developed for this paper can be downloaded from our SOFTWARE page.

July 2016: Khuloud received a Maximizing Investigators' Research Award (MIRA) grant from the NIH/NIGMS. We are very excited!