Project 3

Comprehensive digital labeling
Comprehensive digital labeling of the macaque brain with combined in vivo and ex vivo DTI and T1-weighted image. The labeling shown above is in in vivo space. Different color contours delineate the cortical gyri, subcortical nuclei and white matter tracts.

Comprehensive macaque brain atlas with high resolution DTI images

Due to their close relationship to the human brain, rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) models have been unique and irreplaceable for answering fundamental questions on the brain functions. The neuroanatomical atlases play essentials role for brain-related research in multiple aspects, finding and identifying the unknown structures based on known ones, guiding the invasive operations, carrying the knowledge of brain structures for education and serving as registration references for mapping the functional information. Currently available macaque atlases based on histology and conventional T1 weighted MRI or chemical tracing have played important roles as anatomical references. However, few of them are digital, comprehensive including anatomical information of cortical gyri, subcortical nuclei and white matter tracts, established in in vivo space or have 3D presentations. DTI characterizing the white matter anatomy of human brain can be potentially used for establishing comprehensive digital atlas of macaque brain.  

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