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The Henne lab studies membrane reshaping: cellular processes that remodel membranes for transport in vesicle biogenesis, create specific architectures for organelle biogenesis, and bring membranes together to communicate in membrane contact sites.

We have a longstanding interest in proteins with membrane-sculpting domains (e.g., BAR, F-BAR, C2). We study how these proteins drive changes in organelle shape and promote vesicle trafficking. We also apply techniques and concepts developed within the endolysosomal trafficking field to understand how organelles are sculpted, transfer lipids between one another, and facilitate inter-organelle communication.

The lab uses mammalian cell biology, biochemistry, structural biology, and yeast genetics to elucidate novel molecular mechanisms of membrane reshaping and to relate these findings to human pathophysiology and disease.

Currently, we have three major projects in the lab:

1) inter-organelle cross-talk in cell homeostasis

2) lipid metabolism in aging

3) receptor trafficking in endosomal maturation