In order to be a successful biomedical research institute, a university must have innovative, cutting-edge core lab resources. UT Southwestern Medical Center has a number of core facilities dedicated to providing the latest equipment and knowledge necessary to assist faculty and researchers in their work. 

Live Cell Imaging Facility

People in lab
Qin Li and Charles Kresge in the Live Cell Imaging Core Facility

The Feranchak Lab relies heavily on the Live Cell Imaging Core Facility for affordable access to modern optical microscopy. The facility offers a wide variety of microscope imaging modalities, including laser scanning confocal, multiphoton, spinning disk confocal, wide-field deconvolution, CFP/YFP FRET, TIRF, and single molecule imaging. Multiple workstations are available for offline image processing and analysis, including volume rendering, neuron tracing, 3D measurement, and 3D particle tracking. All the microscopes are inverted and have environmental chambers for control of temperature and CO2

Animal Facility

UT Southwestern provides a quality animal care and use program to support faculty members who use animals in research, testing, or teaching. The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee  assures that all animal use adheres to applicable requirements.