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Lab Members

Amal Dutta

Amal Dutta, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Phone: 214-648-3144

Research Interests: Liver diseases due to ion channel defect, biophysical and function characterization of ion channels, mechano-sensitive and Ca2+-activated channels in epithelial functions, purinergic signaling pathways, biliary secretion and bile formation, modulation of biliary epithelial cell transport by pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Charles Kresge

Charles Kresge

Lab Manager
Phone: 214-648-3249

Research Responsibilities: Maintaining all cell lines, training all new personnel, procuring materials, assisting with experiments. 

Qin Li

Qin Li, Ph.D.

Phone: 214-648-4862

Research Interests: Mechanosensitive ion channel activity in biliary epithelium, regulation of cholangioctye secretion, and bile formation by the mechanosensor TRPV4.