About Us

Lab Alumni

Lab members making faces

Our lab has been an evolving platform for a variety of disciplines and experience levels. These people have shared their talent, expertise, and hard work in helping us achieve our goals. It was a privilege to work with them.

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

  • Catherine Brigman, M.D.
  • Eduardo Carlin, M.D.
  • Michael Dougherty, M.D.
  • Meghana Sathe, M.D.
  • Kangmee Woo, Ph.D.

Pediatric Residents

  • Karen Queliza M.D.
  • David Troendle M.D.

Graduate Students

  • Jessica Geisler

Undergraduate and High School Students

  • Karl de Zoeten, College Student (SURF Program)
  • Sammy Glick, High School Student (STARS Program)
  • Caroline McLeod, High School Student (STARS Program)