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About Us




Peter Douglas, Ph.D., was born in San Antonio, Texas, and lived in Dallas, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and St. Louis, Missouri, before receiving his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Peter earned his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology. As a graduate student in the laboratory of Dr. Douglas Cyr, Peter used different methods in biochemistry, genetics, and cell biology to understand the mechanisms by which protein homeostasis machinery detoxifies misfolded, aggregation-prone proteins. During this time he was awarded a predoctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association. 

Peter completed his postdoctoral studies in the laboratory of Dr. Andrew Dillin at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, and the University of California in Berkeley, California. During this time he was awarded fellowships from the National Institute of Health on the Neuroplasticity of Aging and the George E. Hewitt Medical Foundation. He also received a Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00) from the National Institute of Health.

In 2015, Peter joined the faculty at UT Southwestern Medical Center as an assistant professor in the Department of Molecular Biology.





Sonja Arneaud, PhD

Laboratory Manager & Postdoctoral Researcher

Sonja earned her PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia in the laboratory of Dr. John R. Porter. Her graduate work focused on the investigation of two key enzymes involved in the podophyllotoxin biosynthetic pathway of the endophytic fungus Phialocephala fortinii. As a postdoctoral researcher in the Douglas laboratory, her research is focused on the effects of blunt force trauma on aging and neurodegeneration in C. elegans.



Patrick Metang, MS

Research Associate I

Patrick earned his Master of Science in Biotechnology at the University Pierre et Marie Currie in Paris, France. For his Masters defense Patrick focused on constructing targeted antibodies to elicit specific CD8 responses against the cancer antigen WT1. As a researcher in the Douglas Lab, Patrick works on proteinuria in the brain and neurodegeneration, consistent with acute stress of the brain of mice. Patrick is also working on skin carcinogenesis in mice.



Nathan “Nate” Egge , BS 

MD/PhD Graduate Student 

Nathan earned his BS in Bioengineering from the University of Washington. He performed his undergraduate work in the lab of Dr. Kim Woodrow with a focus on engineering novel core-shell nanoparticles for delivery of hydrophobic and transmembrane protein components as vaccine antigens. As a graduate MSTP student in the Douglas Lab, Nate is interested in neuronal cellular mechanisms perpetuating degeneration and loss of function following traumatic injury or other stressors.



Charles "Charlie" Savelle, BS

Laboratory Technician II

Charles earned a BS in Biology from UTD and a BPhil from UT Austin. He is currently investigating ACT-5 mislocalization and microbial invasion in the instestine of C. elegans as well as how they both contribute to aging in this organism. His primary educational interests outside of the Douglas laboratory include Evolutionary Biology and GeoBiology.




Sidra Shah, BS

Research Technician I

Sidra earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Dallas majoring in Biology. As a Research Tech I in the Douglas Lab, her research focuses on the changes in protein expression after acute stress in human cells. Sidra will be a part of the lab from July 2016 to May 2017 before going on to medical school in the future.



Ian Gonzalez

Research Intern

Ian is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Dallas majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Cell and Molecular Biology. As a part of the Green Fellowship, Ian studied actin cytoskeletal integrity as a mediator of aging in the nematode C. elegans. To date, he continues his research efforts in the Douglas lab before selecting a graduate/medical program.






Juan “JJ” Jaramillo, BS

Research Technician II (Aug, 2015-2016)

JJ earned his Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University- Kingsville majoring in Biomedical Sciences and minoring in Chemistry. As a Research Tech II in the Douglas Lab, his research is focused on the effects of aging through a high fat diet intake in the nematode C. elegans.


Kylie Borden

Research Intern (Jun-Aug, 2016) 

Kylie is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX. As part of the SURF-Cancer program, Kylie studied the effects of transcription factors that signal stress in a bacterial food source and how it affects the transcriptome of the consumer organism (C. elegans).


Anish Narayan

Medical Student Researcher (Jun-Aug, 2016)

Anish earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia, double majoring in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BCMB) and Genetics. Through UTSW’s Medical Student Summer Research Program, he is characterizing the longitudinal effects of blunt force trauma in C. elegans by studying the neuroprotective role of regulating mitochondrial metabolism and MAP Kinase signaling. As a researcher in the Douglas Lab, he is also looking at measuring worm sensory neurodegeneration through designing chemotaxis assays.