About Us

Current Lab Members

Ivan D'Orso

Ivan D'Orso, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator 


Curtis Bacon

Curtis Bacon

Graduate Student, Biological Chemistry
2015 – Present
Curtis focuses on the mechanisms that govern transcriptional regulation in normal and disease states, such as cancer. Read more about his research.

Ashwini Challa

Ashwini Challa

Research Assistant
2017 – Present
Ashwini is working towards completing a global comparative analysis of RNA polymerase II elongation complexes in eukaryotic cells.

Usman Hyder

Usman Hyder

Undergraduate student, UT Dallas
2017 – Present
Usman is working towards determining how the transcription elongation factor KAP1 recognizes chromatin at target gene promoters to exert transcription activation.

Emily Cruz-Lorenzo

Emily Cruz-Lorenzo
Lab Manager
2016 – Present

Zheng Ma

Zheng Ma. Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Researcher
2015 – Present
Zheng is interested in defining how KAP1 coordinates the recruitment of elongation factors to chromatin to promote transcription and pre-mRNA processing.

Chi Pak

Chi Pak, Ph.D.
Research Associate
2016 – Present
Chi is interested in determining cis-positioning effects on HIV proviral fate (active or silent transcription leading to pathogenic or non-pathogenic states, respectively)

Nora Ramirez

Nora-Guadalupe Ramirez 

Graduate Student, Molecular Microbiology
2014 – Present
Nora is interested in defining new pathways that control the establishment and maintenance of HIV proviral latency in CD4 T cells using an unbiased gain-of-function approach with human cDNAs.