Pauline Weatherford, M.S., CRC

Pauline Weatherford, Rehabilitation Counseling Program Alumna
“I have always been drawn to people that are dealing with difficult situations.”

Graduate School: M.S. Rehabilitation Psychology, UT Southwestern, 2001


Call it a genetic predisposition to caring for those who are differently abled. Pauline’s oldest sister is a person with autism, and her mother, with other parents of children with autism, founded a developmental learning center in New York.

Intrigue and Travels

Early in her career, Pauline worked in military intelligence for the U.S. Army, with Top Secret security clearance. While living overseas, Pauline volunteered for Victim Services, Rape Crisis, and Care in the Community, an organization that provides support for people with mental illness.

Path to UT Southwestern

Pauline received her M.S. in Rehabilitation Psychology from UT Southwestern in 2001 and returned to join the faculty from 2010 to 2013. In the interim, she spent time working for the State of Texas as a vocational rehabilitation counselor and for the City of Arlington as an outreach supervisor in Victim Assistance.

State of Affairs

While working for the State of Texas, Pauline worked for the Division for Blind Services as a vocational rehabilitation counselor, then later (after her time with the Arlington Police Department), she returned to the State, working as a vocational rehabilitation counselor for the Division of Rehabilitation and Assistive Services (DARS) and promoted to area manager of a field unit at the Texas Department of Rehabilitation Services.

While at the DARS, she supervised and trained a dozen other counselors, a chance “to instill in them the importance of meeting people where they are and valuing what they bring. People are not numbers.”


“Students get all the support they need at UT Southwestern. There’s a real open-door policy. The faculty comes together as a team to see what we can do to help students be successful.”

Looking Ahead

Pauline would like to see the current program expand, adding, “We need to keep teaching the people we work with how to be advocates for themselves—how to talk to doctors and employers.”

The Last Word

“UT Southwestern is a place to put into practice what you’re learning. UT Southwestern graduates are ready to go out and make an impact.”