The Faces of SSHP Rehabilitation Counseling

UT Southwestern's School of Health Professions attracts applicants from across America who want to be part of our dynamic, collaborative, and experiential approach to education. What you learn here will open your mind, hone your skills, and prepare you for a career rich in opportunity and reward. 

Brought together in an environment that encourages academic excellence and supports an active clinical experience, SSHP students have a great deal to offer each other, both in and out of the classroom. Our graduates benefit from the academic and clinical opportunities that help them achieve at their highest potential and prepare them for successful, satisfying careers in the health professions. 

You may be inspired and encouraged by these stories as you continue your academic and career journey.

Kristin Martin-Cook


“I wanted to understand more about how the brain works, what happens when it doesn’t work, and why it doesn’t work.”

Kristin is a graduate of UT Southwestern’s Rehabilitation Counseling – Psychology Master’s program. Her final research study led to a job offer at UT Southwestern’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center, where over the past 15 years she has moved from her original position as a research assistant to her current role as a clinical research coordinator. Read more and watch Kristin's video.

Pauline Weatherford

Pauline Weatherford

“I have always been drawn to people who are dealing with difficult situations.”

Pauline Weatherford is an alumnus of the Rehabilitation Counseling Program. Her passion for volunteer work with people with disabilities led her to that career. She has worked in a variety of positions, including time as a vocational rehabilitation counselor at the Texas State Commission for the Blind and as supervisor of the Victim Services Unit for the City of Arlington Police Department. Pauline served on the faculty of UT Southwestern’s Rehabilitation Counseling Program from 2010 to 2013. Read more and watch Pauline's video.