Paramedic Certification Program Costs

Effective January 1, 2015, the estimated cost of the Paramedic Certification Program is $5,402 for Dallas County residents; $7,145 for Texans not from Dallas County; and $9,312 for out-of-state students.

You qualify as a Dallas County resident if you’ve lived in Texas a minimum of 12 months before enrolling and have either established residence in Dallas County, are employed by a fire department that’s located in Dallas County, or own and maintain property in Dallas County.

You’re an out-of-state student if you’ve lived in Texas for fewer than 12 months or are a non-U.S. citizen. El Centro does not charge tuition if you’re employed by a fire department.

Under certain rules, volunteer firefighters and peace officers may qualify for tuition exemption through El Centro College in the paramedic program. Please visit the above website to learn more about the requirements to qualify for this exemption.

Effective Spring 2015, a $500 ride-along fee will be assessed to complete internship at the Dallas Fire Rescue Mobile Intensive Care Units. The charge is $50 per day and the Program requires (10) 24-hour internship shifts. Additional shifts will be necessary if the student does not achieve 40 successful team leads during the 10 shifts and will cost extra.

Due Before the Course Begins
Drug screening/background check $90 Payable to Sur-Scan/Group One
Immunization TBD Payable to physician or clinic as needed
Physical exam TBD Payable to physician or clinic as needed
Due the First Day of First Semester
Other Service Fee $1,750 Payable to UT Southwestern
El Centro tuition $708 Dallas County
$1,332 Out-of-County
$2,088 Out-of-State
Payable to El Centro College
Dallas Fire Rescue EMS (Internship Fee) $500 (effective Spring 2015) Payable to Dallas Fire and Rescue
Parking $120 Payable to UT Southwestern
Textbooks $311 Payable to UT Southwestern
Malpractice insurance $13

Payable to El Centro College

Uniform $25

Payable to Uniforms, Inc. (required starting 1/1/2014)

Due the First Day of Second Semester
El Centro tuition $767 Dallas County
$1,443 Out-of-County
$2,262 Out-of-State
Payable to El Centro College
Due the First Day of Third Semester
El Centro tuition $531 Dallas County
$999 Out-of-County
$1,566 Out-of-State
Payable to El Centro College
State registration or licensure fee $96 or $126 Payable to the Texas Department of State Health Services
Fingerprinting fee $50 Payable to TxDPS/FBI ($40) and L-1 Identity Solutions ($10)
NREMT testing fees $110 Payable to National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
NREMT site fee $275 Payable to UT southwestern (effective 10/1/2013)
Optional Fee $35 FISDAP NREMT Practice Exam
In-County $5,402
In Texas but Out-of-County $7,145
Out-of-State $9,312

This estimated cost does not include any prerequisite courses which may be required. All fees are subject to change. Please consult the latest edition of the El Centro College catalog for current tuition rates, residency verification requirements, and refund policies. Please contact the UT Southwestern Emergency Medicine Education Program at 214-648-5246 for the latest textbook information.

Since costs may vary, please contact the Emergency Medicine Education Office for exact amounts. Please make your payment by check or money order and provide a copy of the driver’s license of the person who wrote the check. El Centro College is not able to accept out-of-state checks but does accept major credit cards. If you don’t pay your El Centro fees on time, you may be unable to continue to the next semester.

Financial Aid

You can contact the Financial Aid Office at El Centro College at 214-860-2097 for more information.