EMT Certification Costs

Effective spring 2015, the estimated cost of the seven-week Emergency Medical Technician Certification Program is $1,633. 

Breakdown of Costs
Registration $1,100 Payable to El Centro College
Textbooks (approx.) $110 Payable to UT Southwestern
Parking $20 Payable to UT Southwestern
Other services fee $40 Payable to UT Southwestern
Dallas Fire and Rescue EMS $50 Payable to City of Dallas Fire and Rescue
State exam fee $70 Payable to the Texas Department of State Health Services
Fingerprinting fee (approx.) $50 Payable to TxDPS/FBI ($40) and L-1 Identity Solutions ($10)
NREMT exam fee $70 Payable online to National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
Uniform Shirt $25 Payable to Uniforms Inc. (required starting 1/1/2014)
Malpractice insurance (approx.) $13 Payable to El Centro College
Drug screening/
background check (approx.)
$85 Payable to Sur-Scan ($40) and Group One ($45)

Since costs may vary, please contact the Emergency Medicine Education Office for specific amounts. Please make your payment by check or money order and provide a copy of the driver’s license of the person who wrote the check. El Centro College is not able to accept out-of-state checks but does accept major credit cards.


You can purchase textbooks from the Emergency Medicine Education Program office. The cost of the EMT text is usually no more than $110 but may vary based on the textbook used for a specific course. If you’d like to buy your textbook from us, please check with us for the exact amount and bring a check made out to UT Southwestern when you come to pick it up.


Parking is available at UT Southwestern’s Paul M. Bass Administrative and Clinical Center, 6300 Harry Hines Blvd.. You can purchase a $20 parking card for on-campus parking and hospital rotations.


A uniform is required as part of the EMT course. Navy blue or black pants are required (purchased on your own). Approved uniform shirts with the school logo will be required. An order form for the shirt will be distributed the first day of class providing the information needed to purchase the suggested shirt. The estimated cost of the shirt is $25. 

Other Services Fee

This fee will cover the clinical scheduling, lab supplies, equipment, and other services provided to students. We use a Field Internship Student Data Application Program (FISDAP) that enables students to schedule their own clinical days and field experiences. This allows the staff to monitor and track the students’ progress in the field more efficiently. The fee is $40 and payable to UT Southwestern.

Dallas Fire Rescue EMS Ride-Along Fee

Effective spring 2015, a $50 ride-along fee will be assessed to complete internship at the Dallas Fire Rescue Mobile Intensive Care Units. The charge is $50 per day and the Certification Program requires (1) 24-hour internship shift. Additional shifts will be necessary if there are not 5 patients and 3 transports during the 24 hours you are on shift. The additional shifts will cost extra.

Texas Department of State Health Services Certification Fee

This $64 fee is required to register as an EMT in Texas.

NREMT Exam Fee

This $70 fee covers the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians’ computer adaptive testing and is due toward the end of the course. The instructor will review the application process with enrolled students.