Parkland Auxiliary Collegiate Fellow Program

The Collegiate Fellows Program is a nine-week paid summer job at Parkland Memorial Hospital for college students interested in pursuing a career in health care. This program begins the first week of June and ends the first week of August. The Collegiate Fellows program is entirely funded by the Parkland Auxiliary, which was organized in 1940 and continues to promote the hospital, its programs, and its mission.

The Parkland Auxiliary Collegiate Fellows Program was designed for undergraduate students who might not otherwise have an opportunity to work in a health care setting. Students will not have shadowing or hands-on clinical opportunities, however, the students will have an opportunity to work in and witness health care issues in Dallas County’s busy public teaching hospital. Students are placed in various areas throughout the hospital, and work 40 hours per week under the supervision of the manager of the Parkland Auxiliary and their staff.

The practical experience gained from this program is intended to complement the academic training these students receive throughout their school year. Because of the hospital’s international reputation for excellence, the program strives to share this excitement with tomorrow’s health care professionals.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Primary/permanent residence must be Dallas County, regardless of where the student attends college
  • Must be at least 19 years of age
  • Must have graduated high school and, by the time the program begins in June, must have completed at least 30 semester hours of college coursework since high school graduation
  • Must not have graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree prior to applying to this program
  • Must be interested in pursuing a career in health care