Minority Premedical Conference/Health Careers Conference

Each year in November, UT Southwestern Medical School sponsors a health careers conference that places special emphasis on the successful matriculation of minority pre-health profession students.   

This year the health career conference will showcase the diverse educational opportunities within our Medical School, School of Health Professions, and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

The goal of this conference is to provide advisors and students with information regarding admissions, financial aid, student life, and entry requirements for our programs, as well as present specific information about each of the programs. Information will be presented by faculty, staff, current students, and program alumni. Additionally, tours of the campus will be provided.

Attendees will be broken out into groups based on whether they are interested in pursuing a medical degree (information on being a physician), a degree in the health professions (physician assistant, nutritionist, physical therapist, radiation therapy, etc.) or a biomedical research-focused graduate degree (a research career, Ph.D.). 

Presidents of UT Southwestern’s Student National Medical Association (SNMA) and Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) facilitate the conference and medical students, graduate students, and School of Health Professions students participate in registration, the guided tours, laboratories, and panel discussion.

Major elements of the conference:

  • Information on admissions, financial aid, and careers in health care
  • Medical Center tours
  • Opportunity to network with students from the Medical School, Graduate School, and School of Health Professions
  • Presentations from UTSW's president, dean, administrators, and faculty
  • Student panels

For more information, email Minority Student Affairs at msa@utsouthwestern.edu.