Ethics Courses in Academic Colleges

The Ethics Program develops and refines the ethics curriculum for the UT Southwestern Academic Colleges, led by John Z. Sadler, MD,  in collaboration with Susan Cox, MD, Colleges Director, Celia Jenkins, MD, and Jim Wagner, MD. This program, launched in school year 2009-2010, provides developmentally relevant ethics case material to the Colleges curriculum in the MS1-3 years. The Colleges provide an environment where small groups of students work closely with faculty mentors through formal weekly meetings and more informal interactions. The content of these interactions is meant to be closely aligned with the content of the school curriculum.

The MS-1 Colleges Ethics Program provides seven cases for that Colleges year, including:

  • Scholastic Integrity
  • Appearance
  • Genethics
  • Disclosure
  • End of Life Issues
  • Sexual Boundaries
  • Liver Transplant Case

In the MS-2 and 3 years, current MS-3s discuss selected reflective case essays with their junior colleagues in the MS-2 year, in the context of several MS-2 Colleges ethics sessions. These reflective essays address professional and ethical issues faced by the clerkship students, both giving the MS-2s a preview, and preparing them for the difficult ethical issues they will face in their own clerkship year.