Medical Humanities Interest Group

The Ethics Program is part of the Medical Humanities Interest Group (MHIG), founded in 2000, which functions to promote among medical students the enjoyment of the humanities, including the visual arts, philosophy, literature, history, and religion. MHIG is not for experts, it is for medical students who have an interest in the humanities alongside their interest in becoming competent physicians.  

MHIG Leadership Contact Information

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Priyank Dhar, Class of 2014" target="_blank

Julia Mattson, MSTP" target="_blank">

Vice President:
Natasha Klimas Class of 2014" target="_blank\";")/*]]>*/

 Leadership Team:
Jennifer Harris, Class of 2014
Tommy Heyne, Class of 2012 
Karthik Ramanathan, Class of 2013
Anisha Turner, Class of 2014