Office of Minority Student Affairs

The Office of Minority Student Affairs promotes services that will improve medical practice in underserved areas and enhance minority students' success in their medical school curriculum.

Our Goals

  • Expand the diversity of the UT Southwestern Medical School student body by recruiting and retaining qualified students from underrepresented minority groups
  • Identify and promote the development of minority faculty, thereby increasing the number of available minority mentors for our diverse student body
  • Increase interest in the health professions by sponsoring specific programs for college and high school students

Support for Minority Organizations

We support UT Southwestern campus chapters of several national organizations that promote the interests of minority medical students, including:

Minority Mentoring

Underrepresented minority students currently enrolled at UT Southwestern can take advantage of our minority mentoring program, which assists students in identifying a mentor to help guide them through their medical school years. Among other things, mentors can help:

  • Advise students on decisions concerning summer programs and interest groups.
  • Advise students on professional and career issues.
  • Broaden perspectives, expectations, and behaviors.
  • Develop strategies for exam preparation.
  • Identify resources for learning and career development.
  • Support and encourage learning on an ongoing basis.

Minority Programs for Pre-Meds

We offer several programs for minority pre-med students to enhance their knowledge of health professions, as well as medical school. These programs allow students to interact with UT Southwestern’s diverse medical students and health care professionals. Included are leadership programs, summer internship programs, enrichment programs, and conferences.