USMLE Preparation

SASS in collaboration with preclinical course directors and the Associate Deans for Student Affairs, coordinates United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) Step 1 preparation for interested second-year medical students. The review period (“Step 1 Boot Camp”) takes place in the spring, beginning on Monday following the final exam.

"Boot Camp" begins with a planning seminar for students preparing to take the USMLE:S1. This seminar covers study calendar creation, time management skills, and test-taking tips, as well as provides answers to questions regarding the administration of the exam and other logistics.

Subject reviews, stress management advice, and other resources are posted for instant access via the Web Curriculum. To simulate a real Step 1 test experience, Boot Camp organizes practice test sessions with the Library, using their informatics classroom.

SASS also offers individual advising/mentoring assistance for students preparing to take either the USMLE:S1 or USMLE:S2. This assistance is set up directly between SASS and the interested party.